How to Decorate Like a Minimalist

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How to Decorate Like a Minimalist

Minimalist home decorating can be so refreshing as you purge the nonessentials and clean up the messy clutter that you may have accumulated over time. This approach isn’t just practical, either, as it gives off a chic and intentional aesthetic. Keep in mind these points on how to decorate like a minimalist if you want to transform your home for the better.

Let Clean Lines Dominate

One of your goals when making each room more minimalist is to let clean lines and simplicity dominate the space. You can accomplish this in multiple ways. Perhaps the most evident would be to get rid of items that you could do without, thereby clearing up flat surfaces. To figure out which items to part ways with, think about which ones you forget about or let collect dust. Finding storage can greatly help as well, since it will allow you to organize your remaining belongings and place them out of sight when you aren’t using them. A shelf with doors or slide-out compartments that conceal its contents is a good example. With fewer things sitting around, you’ll be left with spotless, orderly furniture.

Use a Neutral Color Foundation

Along the same lines as the physical items in your home, you should reduce the busyness of the color palette you use in your décor. Build a strong foundation of neutrals, such as white, grays, black, browns, and beiges. This will ensure that your whole arrangement is cohesive and agreeably calm. Materials such as wood, metal, stone, and plastic are easy to find in minimalist-worthy hues, as are fabrics used for bedsheets or in sofas. Electronics also tend to come in grayscale colors, so making your home mostly neutral should not be too difficult.

Find Ways to Include Variation

All this toning down does not mean that your house or apartment must be bereft of personality, however. You can still include bright accent colors here and there in artwork you hang on the wall, throw pillows, and small objects such as desk lamps and candles. They will add some energy to the otherwise muted surroundings without overpowering them. Texture is another characteristic you can play around with to incorporate variety and intrigue to your home. Different types of area rug materials can contrast nicely with the mostly solid and smooth feel of the floors, walls, furniture, and appliances. You don’t even need to find a rug with different colors. A white wool rug or a woven, tan jute rug will stand out from the background due to the fluffiness and irregular intricacies they respectively have.

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