How To Guide a Client Through Their First Waxing Experience

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How To Guide a Client Through Their First Waxing Experience

While the patriarchy used to define beauty standards, including hair removal, feminism is helping people realize that their bodies are good no matter what they look like. This has helped more people decide whether they want hair removal or not.

For those finally empowered to make that decision on their own, there’s a lot of information to learn. As an esthetician, it’s up to you to help them feel comfortable during their first waxing appointment. Keep reading to learn how to guide a client through their first waxing experience.

Start With Honest Advice

Pop culture has done a pretty good job of educating people on the fact that waxing is painful, but it hasn’t done much else. As the licensed esthetician taking your new client through this process, it’s up to you to start the waxing session with some honest advice. Ideally, you should give this advice when the client first books the appointment, but it won’t hurt to repeat it at the beginning of the appointment too.

Explain how much pain the client can expect. This is probably at the forefront of their mind, but you can help keep them comfortable with the experience by explaining the pain scale. Take the time to explain the type of wax you’re using, whether it’s soft or hard, and how they can prepare for the appointment. At the beginning of the appointment, verify that they’ve cared for their skin properly. If they haven’t, it’s time to reschedule.

Talk Throughout the Appointment

Your client can’t remember everything you’ve told them on the phone leading up to the appointment or the summary that you’ve given at the beginning. Instead of expecting them to remember all that, talk through the appointment as you perform each task.

For example, tell them what they need to know about soft strip waxing or hard bead waxing as you do it. Warn them as you apply the wax, especially if it’s in an area they can’t see, and warn them as you remove it. Offer words of encouragement as they get through this experience for the first time and have a funny story ready in case they need a distraction.

Emphasize Aftercare

After their first waxing appointment, your client’s skin will be raw, and they’re probably in some level of pain. This is when you must stress how important aftercare is. New clients may doubt that aftercare will help or fear that touching their skin will only hurt more.

Remind them to use cold compresses to help soothe the areas and to avoid sweating and water so that the pain doesn’t worsen. Don’t forget to congratulate them for making it through their first appointment and encourage them to come back on a regular schedule.

Guiding a client through their first waxing experience is an important part of an esthetician’s job. Helping them prepare for the appointment, getting them through it, and teaching them to care for themselves afterward is the only way you’ll ensure they come back next time.

Make sure to be patient and answer all questions they have before, during, and after the appointment so that they’re well informed and ready to continue this hair removal treatment if they so choose.

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