Planet Classroom Network Channel on YouTube will showcase videos by youth from digitally hard to reach places.

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The Pandemic raised awareness for the fact that at least 463 million students around the world have no access to technology. However, that isn’t stopping XtalksWorldListens Co-Founder Alex Bell, who believes every young person has an interesting story to tell the rest of the world no matter where they live. His organization gives the opportunity to young people in digitally hard to reach places to raise their voices and share their ideas and perspectives for a changing world. This turned out to be a perfect fit for the Planet Classroom Network’s YouTube Channel, the first-ever global multicultural channel for youth launched earlier this year.

This month, the Planet Classroom Network YouTube Channel features video presentations from youth in Malawi talking about their lives, their challenges and their dreams for the future.

“Every young person, no matter where they live, has an interesting story to tell,” noted Alex Bell, Co-Founder of XTalksWorldListens. “We aim to find the next Greta, the next Malala and the next Parkland kids.”

“The planet is experiencing numerous challenges that will require reflection and actions for positive change. This cannot be accomplished without including the perspectives of those who will inherit our world. As adults, the best thing we can do to help facilitate this process is to take a seat and listen,” noted Cathy Rubin, Co-Founder of Planet Classroom.

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