Quick Guide to Giving Back While on a College Budget

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Quick Guide to Giving Back While on a College Budget

It’s a rare occasion when a typical college student has plenty of money to hand out without a care in the world. College is expensive enough on its own, and that’s before adding in basic, everyday expenses. If you still want to help others while going through college, you deserve a pat on the back. You can use this quick guide to giving back while on a college budget to make an impact without going broke.

Keep Your Biggest Expenses in Focus

If you plan to give back regularly in college, keeping a close eye on your budget is essential. While giving back is undoubtedly important, you shouldn’t do so to the detriment of your financial situation. Rent, school supplies, and groceries are top priorities, and you shouldn’t feel pressured to give if you need to pay for those expenses. Once you take care of your most pressing costs, you can determine what you have leftover to give.

Use Your Time Rather Than Money

Giving back while on a college budget isn’t always feasible when you’re already paying for so much. However, one thing that you might have a decent amount of is free time. Instead of giving money, consider using your free time to volunteer for a charitable organization or fundraiser. This allows you to give back to the community meaningfully without draining your wallet.

Fundraise From Others

Speaking of fundraisers, working with a fundraising organization is another great way to give back if you struggle with your own finances. Not everyone has the liquid assets to donate all the time. Most college students don’t, but plenty of people may give back themselves if you present the right cause and opportunity. You can also reach out to alums or other community members to make a more significant impact.

Donate Old Items You Don’t Need

Giving back can go far beyond just donating a flat amount of cash. If your apartment seems a little cluttered and you know you don’t need some of those things, you can make a real difference by gathering the useful items you don’t need and donating them to help others. Donating old shoes that are still in good condition can greatly improve the life of someone struggling with homelessness. Even donating well-loved furniture can help someone dealing with a negative financial situation.

If giving back is something you care about, being in college or on a tight budget doesn’t have to stop you. Find the small ways that work for you, and they’ll add to a positive change in your community.

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