Self-Publishing A Book: Signs That You Are Ready

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Self-Publishing A Book: Signs That You Are Ready

Authors find it hard to land a publishing deal with a reputable publisher. This has made self-publishing increasingly popular in the past few years.

This blog post will explore the benefits of self-publishing and the signs to help you determine if self-publishing is the right choice.

Entered and Won Several Contests

If you have entered and won several writing contests, then it could be a sign that your work is ready for publication. Winning these contests shows that your writing has been evaluated by professionals who think highly of it.

If you haven’t entered competitions yet, don’t worry, as this isn’t necessarily an immediate requirement before publishing. But if you have previously won some awards, this could signify that now might be the ideal time to start self-publishing.

The Manuscript Has Been Edited Severely

Going through rounds of professional editing is essential to getting your book ready for publication. This is even more essential when self-publishing than traditional publishing due to higher scrutiny from readers and reviewers.

Suppose your manuscript has gone through rigorous revisions with one or more editors recommended by friends in writing circles or organizations like Writers’ Guilds. In that case, this may signal readiness on both the technicality level, like grammar and literary level.

Financial Capability

This is perhaps one of the essential signs before considering taking on a large project such as writing and self-publishing a book. Ensure cover the self-publishing cost; this includes the cost to produce quality and market and promote.

Although some of the costs can certainly wait until after publication, like editing services or platform subscriptions, other necessities need to be paid upfront.

Agents are Not Responding

If you’ve submitted your work to agents and they have yet to respond, this could be a sign that self-publishing is the next step. Agents are often busy with many submissions and may need more time or desire to take on your project, especially if you are niched down.

For instance, you are writing inspirational books. This doesn’t mean that your book isn’t worth self-publishing can ensure it reaches its ideal audience.

Have Gone Through a Course on Book Marketing and Promotion

Suppose you’ve taken courses dedicated to book marketing and promotion to prepare for traditional publishing but still need to find success with agents. In that case, it might be worth considering self-publishing instead.

This shows great dedication on your part and is an excellent investment of time, effort, and money, all of which will serve you well as you self-publish your book.

Have Busy Social Media Channels

Having busy social media channels provides an audience base that can help promote your work when it’s published. If you have an established presence on one or more platforms with a significant following, this could be another sign that self-publishing is the right choice.

Ensure that your page reflects your work and constantly engages your followers. This will help you create a loyal following. And once your book comes out, your fans will likely support and share your work, ensuring it reaches as many people as possible.

You Have a Website

Setting up a website for yourself as an author can benefit both traditional publishing options, especially if going the route of self-publishing.

This ensures you have tools like mailing list forms or store pages already set up. This makes managing orders easier, connecting with readers directly, and creating content to attract new prospective buyers. These are key elements when marketing books independently from big names publishers.

You Don’t Want to Wait

If waiting months or years for news about upcoming publications isn’t something you’re willing to do, self-publishing is the best option. Taking charge of every element involved ensures that readers have access faster than through traditional channels and that the author earns the rewards quicker.

You Want to Be in Charge of All Aspects of Your Book

The freedom and autonomy of self-publishing is one of its greatest appeals. So if you’re looking to be in charge of all aspects of your book, from the cover design to marketing strategy, consider going down this route. Self-publishers have full control over production decisions, something not available for those working with a traditional publisher.

People Are Asking For A Book From You

If you have been sharing your work on your social media pages and other events and workshops. People are bound to engage with it, and if it resonates with them, they push you to release your book.

This is a clear sign that you are producing gold content that is helping people in their life in one way or another. And also a clear indication that your book will garner sales.

You are a Self-starter

Taking the initiative and managing projects from start to finish without relying on external help is another sign that self-publishing might be right for you. Traditional publishers will offer guidance throughout the process, but ultimately, it’s up to authors themselves when it comes time actually to get their work published; as such, good project management skills are essential.

Benefits of Self-Publishing

Self-publishing has many benefits. These include

  • Increased flexibility in terms of deadlines.
  • Access to potential readers worldwide through digital formats, such as amazon and kindle unlimited.
  • Ensures you are exploiting your potential to the fullest, as it gives you total control over the final product. Thus ensuring you are satisfied with the end result since every decision was yours alone.
  • No restrictions on content topics or genres being explored.
  • Ability to maintain a brand identity without compromising creativity to fit into industry standards imposed by big-name publishers.
  • You don’t have to work within limitations set forth by third parties who don’t necessarily understand the true purpose behind certain narrative choices made during the creative process.
  • No one to share your proceeds with.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, deciding whether or not to self-publish depends on individual needs, goals, wishes, and preferences. So look at all signs mentioned in this article and see how they apply to you to determine the best course of action moving forward. Besides, you’ve got more to gain by self-publishing as you have control of your work and no one to share your proceeds with.

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