Six Gifts for Strong Females Who Inspire You Daily

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Want to show a little appreciation to the unapologetically fabulous chicks in your life? Below, we share six gifts for strong females. No matter the occasion, you can present the beautiful, resilient women in your life with something special.

A Copy of Becoming by Michelle Obama

The former First Lady’s bestselling memoir is an exceptional gift for any strong woman out there. In her book, Michelle Obama walks through the many experiences in her life that shaped her to be one of the world’s most influential women. An awe-inspiring page-turner, your favorite gal will love this gift for her new poolside or train commute read.

Adult Coloring Books

For those unstoppable forces of nature—the women who are always getting something done—give them a gift that will save them from boredom. This present will let your bestie’s creativity run wild! We’re fond of the Boss Babes coloring book and the Nasty Woman Resistance coloring book, as both are filled with numerous portraits to color and activities to complete.

A Phenomenal T-Shirt

The perfect gift for strong females in your life is a t-shirt that declares your beliefs loud and proud. With DTF transfer printers, you can easily print any message or image on a t-shirt and personalize it easily. Plus, who doesn’t love cute, soft clothes?There are numerous options out there, but we’re partial to this GRL PWR shirt—it’s simple, but it makes a statement!

Patches or Pins

Patches and pins make excellent gifts—your friend can completely customize their bags, hats, or jackets with them. Strange Ways offers a wide range of feminist pins and patches that will flawlessly match their style. Additionally, Feminist Apparel carries a large selection of enamel pins featuring inspirational figures and powerful mantras.

The Coolest Mug

Yeah, your pals can drink their coffee or tea from just any old mug—but what’s the fun in that? Gift them a mug they’ll really appreciate. Fabulously Feminist creates countless mugs that showcase designs any tough lady will love. Your mug will be a keepsake your girlfriend will always treasure!

Wall Art

What’s better than decorating your living space with personal touches? Give a friend or family member the gift of admirable women leaders—having all of their favorites on the walls will certainly make them smile! TheFilmArtist, an incredible New York-based Etsy shop, creates stunning female-focused icon and movie prints that will effortlessly complete any home’s décor.

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  1. Hello, we are a online pin shop founded by three women. I was very inspired by your article. I read a report a few days ago on the topic of global female menstrual poverty. There are still hundreds of millions of women who are unable to buy regular sanitary napkins during menstruation. In some countries, luxury tax is still charged for tampons.It is now 2020, but I think the hope of an affirmative society still needs to go a long way. We are willing to contribute our little strength, express more, and spread it more widely. Let’s cheer together.

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