Small Business Tips: How To Ship During the Holidays

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Small Business Tips: How To Ship During the Holidays

Small businesses face more challenges during the holiday season compared to big corporations. Shipping products from a small storefront is a challenge. Continue reading these small business tips about how to ship products during the holidays!

3PL Shipping

A 3PL is a third-party logistics company that ships and distributes your products for you. It’s ideal to work with a 3PL during the holiday season because they are quick, efficient, and will store your products at their warehouse. You won’t need to worry about storage or packing orders yourself. During the stressful holiday season, you have a readily available company to assist your endeavors.

See if using a 3PL fits within your small business’ budget. When the holidays arrive, you’ll be grateful for this service!

Shipping Transparency

Perhaps your small business rarely ships out products. The holidays are intense for online shoppers, and your business will hit a few bumps in the road. Don’t freak out!

One of the best small business tips for shipping products during the holidays is to be transparent with your customers. You want to be honest and give customers upfront, accurate expectations for shipments. Expect weather delays. Don’t promise an item can get to a customer by a certain day if it’s impossible. Being honest and open with customers is a great way to encourage loyalty.

Product Protection

Look at the products you might ship to customers. What type of packaging do they require? Breakable items need more durable packaging protection than a book or cosmetic product. Test different packaging methods so you can be sure you’re doing your best to protect each product sent to customers.

A Festive Business Card

Customers love unique holiday-themed packaging. You can use fun-patterned boxes and tissue paper if you’re shipping each item from your store. Keep in mind that while it’s gorgeous, it can require some hefty costs.

A holiday business card and thank you card are great options if you’re looking to be festive and save your business some money! The gift will feel personalized. Customers remember unique items from small businesses, and the gesture will create returning customers.

Small businesses work hard to ensure their products are of the highest quality for customers. When shipping these products, remember these tips so you can improve your business and customer satisfaction.

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