Small Steps To Take Control of Your Life

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Small Steps To Take Control of Your Life

Life is tough, and sometimes it just seems to insist on being messy. During tough times—both on a personal, emotional level and on a literal things-to-do level—it can really get out of control. Fortunately, there are several things anyone can do to make sure the crazy moments seem less crazy and to handle handle them from a position of strength.

Engage in Healthier Habits

An excellent way to start gaining control over your life is to start with your own personal care choices. Are you sleeping well and at regular hours? Do you have a decent diet and stick to it? Try designing a schedule that supports your health, and begin easing into it. Find time to start exercising regularly, too—aside from being good for your body, pounding out miles and torching calories is a great way to let off steam.

Set Aside Time for You

When things get rough, it’s important to take breaks. Running full-tilt into a problem only causes more issues. When you stop to mentally detox, you’re empowered. Just planning for “me time” is one of the most effective small steps toward taking control of your life. Make a weekly habit of taking an extra-long shower or bath. Try fitting in a fun novel before bed. Make a healthy ritual out of meditating with your afternoon tea. Take up meditating in general, and brainstorm a few reminder mantras that cater to your own self-care needs.

Work on Preparedness

The best small steps to take control of your life are preventative ones. The worst thing that can happen is when a financial crisis strikes and you have no way to deal with it. The best way to handle this sort of crisis—whether it’s car trouble, a trip to a doctor, or even a therapeutic splurge—is with preparedness. Having money set aside is a huge mental relief. Try getting in the habit of living lighter and stowing away cash. You may even end up with quite the savings after only a year or two of frugal living!

Take on a Challenge

Routines can hold you in place, but stagnation is a major issue to watch out for, as it can cause disruption even when things are going well. Keep your mind and creativity engaged with a challenge. Try new food, recipes, and hobbies, and break up whatever habits have become tedious. If you’re a more adventurous sort, consider organizing a social group—virtually, of course!—or turning a hobby into a full-fledged entrepreneurship.

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