Spotlight: East Asian Women Revolutionizing America’s Food & Beverage Industry

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At Pretty Progressive, we understand the importance of highlighting the impressive achievements of diverse and progressive startups to empower others within our collective journey for a more inclusive society. This is particularly vital in the dynamic and ever-evolving realm of Food and Beverage startups where innovation, creativity, and diversity play key roles in the success of the companies involved. The East-Asian community, particularly, has made a significant leap in this industry, shaping new trends, introducing novel concepts, and introducing unique flavors to the global market. Let us take a journey into exploring some of the most promising East Asian-founded startups in the Food and Beverage industry.

1. Creative Ventures

Based in Oakland, California, Creative Ventures is a deep tech venture firm that invests in early-stage companies aiming to solve humanity’s most pressing issues. The startup boasts a team of world-class experts boasting an unparalleled understanding of the market and a dedication unparalleled. To learn more, visit their website or their LinkedIn page.

2. Transparent Path spc

Transparent Path spc creates real-time, end-to-end supply chain visibility, reducing waste, cost, and risk for the producers and purchasers of perishable goods. The Seattle-based startup has attracted interest for its innovative approach to supply chain management. Check out their website or their LinkedIn page for more information.

3. Rumi Spice

Bridging ethically sourced and socially responsible spices from Afghanistan, Rumi Spice, based in Chicago, provides jobs to farmers and women who harvest and process these spices. To learn more, visit

4. Pepper

Pepper is carving a niche in the food supply chain by developing a digital OS that empowers food distributors to cultivate customer relationships. Find out more about Pepper on their website or LinkedIn page.

5. Pegara

Pegara leverages proprietary computer vision technology to enable industry DX and the fulfillment of the SDGs in sectors such as energy, automotive, and food and beverage. You can learn more by visiting their website or their Facebook page.

6. Natuur Brands

Based in Chicago, Natuur Brands is bringing the next generation of cannabis edibles and beverages to the market. Visit their website or LinkedIn page for more information.

7. Novel Farms

Novel Farms develops cruelty-free and tunable bioscaffolds for cell-based meat products using microbial fermentation. You can learn more about Novel Farms on their website or LinkedIn page.

8. Commonwealth Joe (CWJ)

Operating out of Arlington, Virginia, CWJ provides award-winning specialty coffee and is known for its leading cold brew on tap service. Visit their website or LinkedIn page to learn more.

9. Tso Chinese Takeout & Delivery

Tso Chinese Takeout & Delivery is a Chinese-American digital restaurant that prepares dishes for delivery or takeout. Visit their website or LinkedIn page for more information.

10. Nutr

Nutr, a lifestyle and wellness brand based in Columbus, Ohio, developed Nutr Machine, which enables consumers to make plant-based milk at the touch of a button. You can find additional details about Nutr on their website or LinkedIn page.

11. Dokkaebier

Dokkaebier, based in San Francisco, California, offers an innovative beverage experience featuring meticulously crafted beers and a unique cultural experience centered around Korean folklore. Visit their website or LinkedIn page to learn more.

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