The Best Unique Art Mediums To Use In Your Work

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The Best Unique Art Mediums To Use In Your Work

Over the years, artists have used many different materials to express themselves creatively. Whether you are painting on a canvas or building a sculpture out of clay, mediums help artists express thought-provoking concepts in the most specific way possible.

If you want to mix things up in your work, choosing a different medium to work with can help you think more creatively. Here are the best unique art mediums to use in your work.


Although it is one of the earliest materials artists ever used, charcoal is still an impressive material for drawings. Manufacturers create charcoal by binding wax with organic materials to create a powdery texture.

One of the major benefits of using charcoal is its versatility. For example, you can press firmly for a bold line or create thin lines with a delicate touch. This can make it easy for beginners to learn how to draw a person just by following a few tutorials online, with minimum prior experience.

Another advantage that charcoal-users have is that they can smudge or erase the material with ease, making it a clever blending tool in photorealistic drawings. However, you should apply fixatives or some other additive to the charcoal if you want to prevent further smudges from happening.


Tempera painting is another ancient art form that you can use to distinguish your art. The term tempera refers to a paint mixture consisting of colored pigments and a binding agent such as egg yolk to maintain cohesiveness.

Artists use tempera paint because it is known for drying quickly, and the word tempera describes the medium itself and the painting style associated with it. The earliest tempera works date back to ancient times, and it was the dominant artistic medium until oil painting superseded it circa 1500. Tempera is a durable medium, and paintings made with it still look amazing to this day.


In addition to being useful in the classroom, chalk is a fantastic material to incorporate into your artwork. It is another material that artists used for thousands of years, and it comes in many different thickness levels.

Natural chalk comes from limestone, red ochre, and black stone, which makes white, red, and black chalk, respectively. However, countless different colors are now available, and like charcoal, chalk is excellent for blending and is easily erasable.

Chalk is helpful for creating murals, filling large spaces, and working on a variety of backdrops. Try creating your own typeface style by modifying chalkboard lettering.

Overall, your artistic vision should correspond with the medium that you use in your work. Try adding the best unique art mediums to use in your work so your creativity can flourish today.

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