The Most Inspirational Books By Black Authors

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This article showcases our top picks for the Inspirational Books By Black Authors. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

Zigglebee By Lana Bailey

This product was recommended by Kiley Thomas from ChicExecs

Designed by 8-year-old Lana, this children’s book inspires kids’ creativity by leaving space for them to create the book’s illustrations. Lana created the book as a way to connect with her twin sister Laila, who lives with Jacobsen Syndrome. Laila can’t eat, walk or talk on her own but she DID start drawing pictures that matched Lana’s story one day. That’s how zigglebee was born! zigglebee has no bias or restrictions. A mixed child can have a character that looks just like them while a child with a disability can draw in a way that reflects their world. Every book purchased donates to research for Jacobsen Syndrome.

When Duty Calls By Faith DeVeaux

This product was recommended by Faith DeVeaux from Elleon Productions

It is a contemporary historical fiction built around the actual letters my parentsexchanged when my father, a Black chaplain, fought for a year in Vietnam. Onlythe actual names have been changed. The letters place you there, and explain and describe everything first-hand. However, at the same time, they are still very inspirational. My mother saved the letters without my father’s knowledgein order to help people.

The Metaphysical Cannabis Oracle Deck By Maggie Wilson

This product was recommended by Maggie Wilson from Union Square & Co

The Metaphysical Cannabis Oracle deck is a revolutionary take on traditional tarot and societal programming and the prohibition of cannabis. Beautifully illustrated by Edge Ebenebe and written by Maggie Wilson, TMCOD bridges the gap between spirituality and education about cannabis by giving readers the tools to develop their intuition in a new format.

Many Voices One Truth By Tracy Taris

This product was recommended by Anthony Turk from Healing The Mind And Spirit

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Tracy Taris has written her first book, “Many Voices ONE TRUTH”. This self-help book incorporates Tracy’s formal mental health education which she uses daily in her practice combined with her deep rooted faith. Amid today’s constant negative noise and messaging coming from all places, Tracy offers tools to block out the negativity in favor of God’s voice of positivity and inspiration.

I know it was the blood By Ceola J

This product was recommended by Chantay Bridges from BPH- Bridges Publishing House

This is one of those books that leaves your mouth wide open. You begin with total disbelief, to shaking your head, to wow. You are inspired more and more as you read through the pages. Somehow you realize, your life was not so bad after all. Things could of been a whole lot different. The tenacity, carefulness and love that is poured out in this book, is a testament to the great writer and women all over the world. Be inspired by, I know it was the blood.

Daddy Why Am I Brown? By Bedford Palmer

This product was recommended by Amanda Cassil from STEM Psychological Services

Written by a clinical psychologist, this book makes challenging conversations around race accessible for people of all ages. If you aren’t sure where to begin talking with your children about race, “Daddy Why Am I Brown?” graciously opens that door and explores the differences between race, ethnicity, and culture.

Shift into a Higher Gear By Dr. Delatorro McNeal

This product was recommended by Jamie R. Wright from Jamie R. Wright

Shift into a Higher Gear, this book is simply amazing. Dr. Delatorro McNeal provides practical steps and strategies that has literally helped me shift from being a victim, to becoming victorious in my business, personal, and spiritual life! The workbook is even-more powerful, as I’ve had the opportunity to get what was ‘inside of my head’ out on paper, which has allowed me to successfully ‘plan my work and work my plan’! I highly recommend!

Black People Invented Everything By Dr Sujan K. Dass

This product was recommended by Mo Mulla from Parental Questions

As a parenting expert, I recommend this book because it is a great way to teach children about black people’s contributions to society. The book is filled with inspiring stories and illustrations that will help children appreciate the diversity of the world around them. This book is a great way to teach kids about black history and culture, and it is a great resource for parents who want to raise their children to be culturally aware and respectful.

Lawd Today! By Richard Wright

This product was recommended by Brandon Wilkes from The Big Phone Store

Lawd Today! by Richard Wright is an excellent source of inspiration for black people. The book tells the story of a young black boy who discovers a book of secrets that helps him navigate the world around him. The book is full of wisdom and insight that can help black people overcome the challenges they face in life. Lawd Today! is an essential read for anyone who wants to understand the black experience.

Drop the Ball: Achieving More by Doing Less By Tiffany Dufu

This product was recommended by Joel Phillips from Home Guide Corner

This book nicely explains the struggles of every ambitious woman who wants to achieve greatness. You can find practical advice on how to overcome those struggles as well as dominate in your space. The author combines both personal and policy advice in a thought-invoking way. Overall a must-read for women who wants to achieve greatness.

Your Purpose Is Calling By Dr. Dharius Daniels

This product was recommended by Chantelle Cook from Anderson PR

For two decades, Dr. Dharius Daniels’ passion has been to help people “do the work” of digging into their identity and removing the obstacles holding them back from living their lives to their fullest potential. In his latest book, Your Purpose Is Calling, Daniels has created an inspirational, encouraging guide that provides clear steps for anyone looking to overcome the obstacles that inhibit them from fully embracing themselves – like comparison, approval-seeking, and emotional injuries. Daniels takes the reader on a journey of self-discovery to break free from the “spin cycle of conformity,” which leads to a life of frustration, confusion, anxiety, and restlessness, and get to a place of contentment with clarity and direction.

The Autobiography of Malcolm X By Malcolm X & Alex Haley

This product was recommended by Bill Wong from White Motherboard

The Autobiography of Malcolm X. This book tells the story of Malcolm X’s life, from his childhood in poverty and his involvement in crime to his time as a leader of the Nation of Islam. This book is inspirational because the author, Malcolm X, was once a poor kid who turned his life around. He became involved in crime and later joined the Nation of Islam, and then he left that group.

The Color Purple By Alice Walker

This product was recommended by Isabella Diaz from Rubalkhali

Set in the early 1900s, this Pulitzer Prize-winning novel tells the story of a young black woman named Celie, who her father and husband abuse. Despite the difficult circumstances she faces, Celie ultimately finds strength and hope. This book is an essential work of fiction that sheds light on the experience of black women in America. Many readers find it to be an inspirational and empowering story, and I’m one of them.

Becoming By Michelle Obama

This product was recommended by Jean Will from NiaWigs

Michelle was known as the wife of former US president Barack Obama. In this book, she conveys that everyone matters and that everyone can do anything they want. It gives readers hope that no matter how tiring and complex problems in life are, you will be able to conquer them.

Lead From The Outside By Stacey Abrams

This product was recommended by Eric Jones from Couture Candy

The book showcases the victories of Stacey Abrams. Her intelligence, enthusiasm, confidence, and honesty presented in the book make it a big success. In this biography, Stacey Abrams writes about her challenges and experiences while overcoming the structure that has people of color, disadvantaged color, and much more. In Minority Leader, she showcases how she fought for what she believes in and did it skillfully and strategically. You’ll also get a glimpse of everything she has learned in her career.

Path to Redemption By Lucinda Cross

This product was recommended by Radhika Gupta from One Digital Land

Path to Redemption motivated me to face life’s challenges and overcome them bravely. In this book, Lucinda Cross, a leadership expert and motivational speaker, shares her challenges and explains how she dealt with them. This book deserves our attention if we struggle at work or face more severe problems and difficulties. It will lift our spirits and help us achieve our long-awaited goals. What I know for sure must also be our arsenal. It is a perfect book to read when we need guidance to overcome challenges. It is a top-rated book from Oprah Winfrey- a self-made billionaire who has won awards from Emmys to Daytime Emmys, from the Oscars to the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Hidden Figures inspires me to use my talent and achieve the desired success in life. This book is based on actual events and details the success story of Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson, and Christina Darden. They were African American mathematicians who significantly contributed to some of NASA’s most outstanding achievements. They played vital roles in the space race and launched civil rights and feminist movements.

My Ancestors’ Wildest Dreams By Ava Holloway and Amanda Lynch

This product was recommended by Amanda Lynch from Rethinking Resiliency

This book was inspired by Ava Holloway and Kennedy George, two ballerinas. Their photos were taken by Marcus Ingram and Julia Rendleman in front of the monument of Confederate General Robert E. Lee, in Richmond, Virginia. Ultimately, those photographs went viral, and this moment propelled the duo into a summer of activism and dance. Posed in traditional ballet attire, the friends had no idea that a chance encounter at the Lee Monument would catapult them into the spotlight while serving as a beacon of hope for millions of young activists around the world.

Mental Detox By Cheyenne Bryant

This product was recommended by Brad Burnie from Starships

Mental Detox by Cheyenne Bryant is a perfect guide to implementing peace, joy, balance, and financial abundance. It tells the reader about all levels of health which are physical, spiritual, and mental. It introduces with power that lies within you. This power helps an individual to value themselves. This book is a guide to discovering the internal wealth that celebrates one’s achievements and flaws, is self-aware, and leads to exponential growth. Reading it helps the reader to love themselves how they are, heal their internal wounds, replace the people who hurt them, and fight the pain.

Kids Can Be Superheroes Too! By Joseph Majors

This product was recommended by Shar’ron Mason from Love That Relationship

Kids Can Be Superheroes Too is a heart-warming book that empowers children. It has so many great aspects from showing the importance of teamwork, emotional regulation and not giving up on what you believe. It’s a great story as well as an activity book in that it includes a word search with words relevant to the story and questions for the reader. Kids Can Be Superheroes Too! is a book that kids will desire to read over and over again.

Year of Yes How to Dance It Out, Stand in the Sun and Be Your Person By Shonda Rhimes

This product was recommended by Luke Lee from PalaLeather

This instant New York Times bestseller chronicles Shonda after her Year of Yes began, when she forced herself out of the home and onto the stage, learning to discover, empower, applaud, and love her genuine self. This moving, funny, and deeply personal call to arms tells how choosing YES changed her life – and how it can alter yours as well.

Double Crossed: A Memoir By George Johnson

This product was recommended by Imani Murray from Leda & Co.

George Johnson is a Houston-based mental health advocate, author, and entrepreneur. His self published memoir, Double Crossed, was originally intended to be a therapeutic exercise suggested by his therapist. After a year of journaling and filling up 2 college-ruled notebooks of thoughts, George realized he had a compelling story to share. His book recounts his life of growing up on the Northside of Richmond, Virginia, becoming a professional basketball player, building multiple successful businesses, and ultimately, experiencing multiple life-changing events, including a career ending injury and betrayal from his brothers. Since its release, George has sold over 6,000 books and has connected with numerous men and women online and offline, including having a successful multi-city book tour – making stops in Houston, Miami, Atlanta, and Richmond, this past summer. By openly sharing his triumphant story of overcoming his battle with depression and anxiety, George hopes to further de-stigmatize mental illness within the Black community.

Thriving Through The Storm By Lindsey A Walker

This product was recommended by Lindsey Walker from Walker + Associates Media Group

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Trusted Source Black women have a life expectancy that’s 3 years shorter on average than white women, and some of the root causes may be related to stress. Full-time entrepreneur and publicist Lindsey Walker knows firsthand howstress can impact your mind, body and the success of your business. At the age of 27, she was diagnosed with Stage IV Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and endured 6 months of chemotherapy- through all of this, Lindsey continued to run her business. Now 2 years later, she is on a mission to share her journey with aspiring and current entrepreneurs. Her book, Thriving Through The Storm, is a personal yet practical how-to that delivers the remedy for surviving life’s lowest moments. Have you ever experienced traumatic storms where all you could do was fall to your knees and plead for relief? Have you ever looked at your storm and wondered, why me, why must I suffer while others rise to greatness. Or you have thought to yourself how am I supposed to escape the storm, when everything is pulling me back in? What if I told you that thriving is a choice? No matter how many storms you endure, the decision to thrive or die is yours!

I know why the caged bird sings By Maya Angelou

This product was recommended by DavidZhang from Kate Backdrop

I am a fan of reading inspirational books, and I have found that black authors often have some of the best stories to share. Maya Angelou’s I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings is one of my all-time favorites. The story of her struggle and eventual triumph is so powerful and inspiring you’ll be sure to see why this book is a classic. Also, the way she writes is so beautiful and lyrical you can’t help but be moved by her words.

Dreams from My Father By Barack Obama

This product was recommended by Amit Gami from Heat Pump Chooser

Former US President Barack Obama wrote this book as part of his quest for race, class, and identity. He describes in detail how he rose to prominence as a Harvard law graduate, community organizer, senator, and US president. This book’s inspiration for overcoming adversity in life will undoubtedly benefit its readers. No matter what your walk in life might be, you’ll find yourself inspired by reading this.

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