Things To Consider When Setting Up a Birth Pool

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Things To Consider When Setting Up a Birth Pool

Preparing a space for birth is one thing, but the things you need to pull it off also require deep thought and preparation. A common item mothers rely on is a water birth pool, and the pool requires a little more thought than you’d expect. This article provides you with key insights to consider when setting up a birth pool.

Follow The Instructions on The Pool

It might seem obvious that you will need to inflate the pool and fill it with water, and you won’t need to do anything else when setting up the birth pool. However, it’s essential to read the manufacturer’s instructions because not every producer uses the same materials, and some highly recommend using a liner.

If you don’t follow the instructions, you risk accidents mid-labor, which could derail your maternal process. Avoid assumption and risk and opt for assurance and safety.

Prepare A Space on The Floor

In your mind, you might expect to remain in the water during intense active labor and for delivery. While the event may unfold as you wish, it’s vital to prepare a space on the floor surrounding the birth pool and other areas of the room. Consider these spaces the meeting ground for your process.

Here, you can move freely through your contractions without worrying about causing a mess, or your support team can use these spaces to prepare towels, blankets, or anything else you may request. Labor and delivery are hard to predict. Therefore, it’s imperative you prepare multiple spaces so you are ready for anything.

Monitor The Water Temperature Carefully

The temperature of the water matters a great deal. It cannot be too hot, but it also cannot be too cold. Wherever you buy the birth pool, ensure you also purchase a thermometer that can remain in the pool with you and communicate temperature ranges accurately.

Midwives who frequent water births may also bring one of their own for assurance. Partner with your overseeing provider to understand the supplies they will or will not provide.

Ask For Help

When it’s time to start thinking about setting up the birth pool, you might experience an adrenaline rush when preparing for the labor and delivery process—and who could blame you? You’re reaching the finish line of a long pregnancy. You might think you can tackle this process all by yourself. After all, you just grew a human all on your own. However, asking for help is absolutely crucial.

It doesn’t matter who you ask or how long it takes. Just ask someone you trust for help preparing the space. The help will provide you with core memories later, mitigate the chances of you overdoing it, and provide you with an additional layer of support for your entire birthing process.

If your water birth date is near, or you wish to have one in the future, we hope these tips will help you set up your birthing pool with confidence. Best of luck and congratulations!

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