Things To Consider When Starting a Cannabis Lab

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Things To Consider When Starting a Cannabis Lab

The legalization process is spreading rapidly across the country, and as a result, the industry is seeing exponential growth. Over the next few years, the sales projection could reach nearly $20 billion. The perfect opportunity to begin operations is now, and here are some essential things to consider when starting a cannabis lab.


Acquiring the appropriate lab equipment is vital, and you cannot properly process any form of cannabis without state-of-the-art gear. Things like temperature controllers, decarboxylation reactors, and solvent recovery pumps all contribute to the success of your product.

Appropriate Workspace

A proper workspace flow can make or break your lab’s ability to provide a quality product. You need to consider ventilation, safety, storage, and distribution if you’re legally allowed to do so. Furnishing your lab space with the necessary equipment and the proper workflow will help you comply with regulations and help your employees succeed in their tasks.

In-House Talent

Hiring in any profession and industry is a challenge many recruiters face. A few things to consider when starting a cannabis lab is who you employ to help bring this vision to life. Experience matters, as many scientific and technical processes take place. Flexibility is another crucial factor as a startup will face new challenges and undergo many trials along the way.


Because the legal process is subject to your local and state regulations, it’s essential to research and abide by the expectations fully. As the industry rapidly evolves, it’s especially critical to stay up to date on any possible changes. Navigating cannabis industry regulations is vital to your lab’s success and ability to retain customers.

You can’t build a lab overnight, as there are many steps to take and a lot of research to perform. But if you’re considering getting in on a rapidly growing and evolving industry, this quick guide will hopefully point you in the right direction. It’s best to have an airtight plan in place, as the legal process is technical and lengthy.

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