Tips for Opening Your Own Hot Yoga Studio

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Tips for Opening Your Own Hot Yoga Studio

Do you enjoy challenging your body? Bikram and hot yoga are intense practices that combine heat with a set of poses aimed to flush toxins and loosen your body to achieve deeper stretches. Although joining classes is a fun, social event, it can be intimidating for many since Bikram and hot yoga are advanced practices.

Some people find it more beneficial to train at home, where they can set their pace, fully immerse themselves without distractions, and fit the yoga session easily into their schedules. If you plan on taking Bikram and hot yoga home to teach your friends, here are some tips for opening your own hot yoga studio.

Seal and Insulate the Room

Heat plays a huge role in Bikram and hot yoga. There are many ways for heat to seep out or cool air to enter from windows or doors. Sealing your studio ensures that you can maintain the ideal room temperatures for your sessions, trapping the heat within your desired space. Another way to help you create and preserve the heat in your studio is to insulate the walls and floors. Insulation creates added layers to the room, further trapping the air within a space.

Add Heat and Humidity

Keeping healthy humidity levels is important because there are numerous ways too much heat can hurt you. The ideal room temperature for hot and Bikram yoga is 105 degrees Fahrenheit with around 40 percent humidity. Some yoga studios fluctuate between 80 to 100 degrees but aim no higher than 105. Some ways to add heat to your studio include using ventilation units’ heat settings, stand-alone heaters, and electric radiant heat panels.


Transform your space from a hot room to a studio by adding accessories. Complete your studio with floor-length mirrors, extra yoga towels and mats, yoga blocks, surround sound systems, projectors (to follow video guides), and cleaning supplies. With the right adornments and equipment, you can mirror professional studios and create a designated studio space to indulge with friends.

Clean and Refresh After Use

Humid rooms harbor bacteria a lot faster than other room temperatures. Keeping your space clean and refreshed after each session allows the area to breathe, circulate fresh and clean air into the studio, and maintain a healthy atmosphere to continue using. After each practice, make sure to open doors and windows, turn on fans, wipe down surfaces, and air out mats for healthy and safe hot yoga procedures.

With these tips for opening your own hot yoga studio, you are ready to start stretching and sweating at home! Don’t forget to be easy on yourself since hot and Bikram yoga is a more advanced level practice. Following a professional or receiving your certification in hot yoga ensures that you undergo safe procedures, optimizing the perks of this yoga form.

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