Tips to choose Engagement Rings for Males

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Before you ask, YES, MEN DO WEAR ENGAGEMENT RINGS. Look up some popular celebrities and you will find them sporting wedding bands on their fingers, symbolizing the love and commitment they have towards their partner.

In a survey by Alpine Rings, it was found that 17% of men would wear an engagement ring, and the number is fast increasing.

If you are thinking of popping the question to the love of your life soon and want a ring, consider these tips to have a smoother experience.

1. Say bye-bye to the trend

An engagement ring is a symbol of a lifetime promise; something that will remind you of your better half every day, with all the love and memories.

It will remain with you as long as you both are together, and choosing the right band should not be influenced by some trend that will become old news the next day. You don’t want a big gaudy ring for someone who likes minimal and makes them uncomfortable.

In fact, you can take cues and inspiration from the trends and mould them to fit the personality of your partner. Take ideas from their current style to characterize your criteria for an engagement ring. Just, DO NOT HOP ON THE TREND for this one.

2. Size and the Cs don’t matter unless they matter to them

The size of the stone on the ring does not matter; maybe your fiancé does not want a stone at all. Unless the size of the stone matters to them, it should not hinder your search for the ring.

The perfect ring with the best of cut, clarity, colour, and carat weight exists, but in your own eyes. Don’t set your mind on a paper-perfect ring with the best dimensions.

When you go looking (please don’t go alone), you cannot find all of them together in a ring. If it does not matter to them, it should not matter to you.

3. Personalized Engagement Rings are IT!

The kind of ring that individuals wear reflects their personal style, comfort, and personality.

Someone might prefer a conservative ring, someone might prefer one with an out-of-the-box design, and someone might want to find a middle ground between these. Before you even think of the ring, ASK!

Ask if they want to go all out on diamonds, choose a single simple one, or even want one in the first place. You’re shopping for them, not you and that should be the word on the rock. If you don’t find THE ONE, customize a design for them, trust me, there is nothing better you could do.

4. Don’t forget to set a budget

Engagement rings are expensive. Before you start shopping for the ring, make sure you set a budget within which you want to make a purchase. It will not only narrow down your options but also prevent you from making a super-emotional decision that your bank account will regret eventually.

Yes, it is a one-time purchase and it is a big deal and you want to splurge on your partner, but don’t enter with the mindset that months and months of salary will be spent on the ring, no.

Keep it flexible, rise out of your limits but not too much and stay inside the limit, but not crouched and unwilling to explore.

5. No procrastination, please.

Don’t do this. At all. It takes time to find a ring that suits your partner and you think it is the best for them. You don’t know the number of stores you will make appointments at or the number of websites you will hunt down.

Even after selecting the ring, getting the size right for them, especially if you need a custom size will require more time, and of course, delivery days to be counted. If you are planning an engagement on a holiday or a special day, ensure that the ring is ordered well before time.

6. Go get it!

Selecting an engagement ring is a daunting task, and it can get overwhelming and emotional at times. You want the best for them, of course, but there are also other factors that you must take into consideration before deciding what you want to propose to them.

But don’t worry. At the end of the day, when you will be able to imagine the ring on your to-be’s finger and smile at the thought with love, you will know that… this is it!

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