Tips To Maximize Your Electric Bike Range

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Tips To Maximize Your Electric Bike Range

The appeal of an electric bike is that the motor assists you in riding the bike for long periods of time. Users forget to factor in the battery’s needs and ways to optimize its performance. The last thing you want is to decrease your battery’s lifespan or increase its wear and tear. So let’s look at a few tips to maximize your electric bike range that can benefit your experience.

Set the Right PSI

All tires specify a particular PSI unit suitable for the transportation method. On an electric bike, the higher the PSI, the better chance of efficient rolling. When there is too much resistance during travel, the battery and functions must work harder to meet the needs. Any time the wheels are at the correct PSI value, they can accelerate faster and extend your ranges by two to three miles each ride.

Learn How To Coast

A significant difference between veteran and rookie riders is their ability to coast effectively. Coasting on your e-bike refers to using air resistance to your advantage.

The benefits of learning how to coast effectively enable you to reduce your braking force, which can extend the brake system and improve the smoothness of your stops. Additionally, by lowering your position and traveling behind others, you can decrease the energy you need to accelerate, maximizing your range.

Perform Routine Maintenance

One of the most straightforward tips to maximize your electric bike range is performing routine maintenance. Not all low ranges result from poor riding—some result from a lack of care. Monitoring your tires’ PSI is one step, but consider the following:

  • Adjusting the brakes per your riding techniques
  • Oiling the chain monthly if you regularly ride
  • Properly cleaning and wiping down your bike
  • Visiting your local e-bike shop to have a checkup performed

The decision to invest in and use an electric bike is relatively large for most users. Finding ways to optimize your experience is essential to ensure you enjoy it.

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