TOP 5 haircuts that will make people think you have 3 times more hair

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You must admit that nature has not endowed everyone with thick and voluminous hair, but this is absolutely no reason to be upset. The fact is that visually you can always increase the volume and give it a shape that will be suitable for your hair type! How? This is a little secret that many stylists and hairdressers use. If you want to know what hairstyles will make your hair look thicker and denser – this article is for you.

5 Haircuts That Will Trick People Into Thinking You Have 3 Times More Hair

There are several important points that are important for the owners of thin hair in order to enhance the effect of a proper haircut.

  • It is worth limiting the use of heavy oils, hair balms and similar cosmetics, which only make the hairstyle heavier and cause the volume to fall. Heavy hair stretches downward and thus creates a “sleek” effect. And it is absolutely not profitable for you.
  • Do not choose cascading lines for hairstyles, as this will visually reduce the volume of the hairstyle. On the contrary, straight cuts will be a salvation in the case of thin hair and will help you always look your best.
  • Do not forget to take care of your hair at home, do not overfill it with hot curling irons and hair dryers, be sure to use thermal protection and monitor the condition of the hair tips – dry and brittle should be trimmed every few months.

Now let’s look at the options for short haircuts that will visually give your hair the best look.

Best short haircuts for thin hair:

1. Full Pixie Cut

For short and fine hair, this type of haircut is a great option. But note that it is worth choosing exactly the full pixie, since cascading or partial, as it will visually make the volume smaller. And the full one gives the short strands splendor, the elongated bangs make the effect of density and you get an excellent image. Also, this hairstyle is not whimsical to care for, it is quite easy to take care of. The main thing is to update the length in time, and then you will definitely be a beauty!

2. 90s-Inspired Pixie Cut

Despite the fact that this hairstyle comes from the 90s, it is more relevant than ever now. In addition, this effect looks very bright and bold, suitable for daring and self-confident girls who like to stand out. It will be enough to lift a few strands up with a hair dryer brush straightener and create a so-called creative mess. Try it, but don’t overdo it: everything is good in moderation.

3. Structured Pixie Cut

A structured haircut is ideal for short hair, so you can show all the details of the coloring and attract the attention of others. For such a haircut, lightness and fluffiness of the hair is especially important, which means that you definitely cannot use weighting masks, conditioners and gels. Maximum airiness – maximum volume.

4. One-Length Blunt Bob

An elegant and sophisticated option that will never fail – a short bob with a straight cut or any bob hairstyle. You can adjust the length yourself, for example, to the chin, to the neck or to the shoulders. The hair falling below will become cluttered, so anything shorter than the shoulders is an ideal length for you and a super opportunity for a beautiful volume and density.

5. Blunt Bob with Full Fringe

The same option as the previous one, but with a slight addition. If you have a high forehead and you are not against bangs, then it can very harmoniously fit into the appearance of the hairstyle and make it even brighter and more voluminous. Taking care of your bangs certainly takes some extra effort, but trust me, it’s worth it. This hairstyle is often worn by famous actresses and singers on Hollywood tracks, because it puts your face in a very favorable perspective.

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