Top 5 Healthcare Devices For Active Women

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The world of technology continues to break bounds in different industries, and spheres of life and medicine had clearly not been left out. For women, especially, there has been a lot of awareness raised about their health and wellness in recent years. But we are now seeing technology firms take up the challenge of designing technologies and gadgets to meet women’s needs. They have set up new services, and new products put out to address pertinent women-related issues such as childbirth, breast cancer, and the likes. Also, there are gadgets created to ensure that women stay fit and live a healthier lifestyle. Some of these gadgets are also recommended by doctors to help women with chronic conditions manage it appropriately. These devices are fast becoming lifesavers for women. In this article, we talk about 5 of these healthcare devices built for active women.

1. Embrace Neonatal MRI

This is an FDA-approved MRI explicitly created for imaging the head and brain of neonates. You can use this technology for Neonates that weigh between 1kg & 4.5kg and also has a head circumference of about 38cm.

The embrace neonatal MRI device has an incubator controlled by temperature, built in the system. The incubator can prevent excess movement of the infant, and this is a significant advantage. When there is an emergency, you can bring the baby out in as short a while as 30 seconds.

Another significant advantage of this MRI is you can use it in the NICU and not a room shielded by radiofrequency, which is typical of regular MRI.

The Embrace Neonatal MRI also has some limitations, like many other technologies. You can’t use it when the neonate weighs more than 4.5kg or has a head circumference higher than 38cm. It would be best if you did not subject infants that have implants that are active metallic or electronically to this technology.

2. The Amulet

The Amulet, made of the FUJIFILM Digital Mammography System, holds a significant benefit for women in detecting breast cancer from an early stage. They build this device from the combination of two different technologies: Vacuum Deposition Technology and FujiFilm’s Device Development Technology.

The device has two layers, with the first one converting X-rays to electrical signals, and the second layer makes use of the Direct Optical Switching Technology. This is a unique technology that captures electric signals of lower noise images and high resolution. It does not use any electrical switches, and that alone differentiates it from the normal TFTs. The details of the Amulet system have tumors and microcalcifications because they can achieve both low noise and the 50pm higher resolution fine pixel size.

3. Tytohome remote exam kit

Tytohome remote exam kit, like its name implies, is a medical examination kit that can be used remotely and allows people to carry out a necessary examination of their health by themselves and their homes. It is a groundbreaking health gadget that you can pair with teleconferencing apps which connects the user to qualified and certified healthcare personnel to provide them with remote consultations, diagnosis, prescription, and treatment plan, whichever one is necessary.

Apart from the device itself that carries out the medical test, the package also includes a thermometer, digital camera, and other accessories such as a tongue depressor which you can use to examine the throat, a stethoscope for checking the heart, abdomens, and lungs, and an otoscope for the ears.

4. 3-in-1 blood pressure monitor

The BPM core is one of the most stylish devices when it comes to monitoring blood pressure on-the-go. It takes the combination of innovative health technology with an exquisite and minimalist design to build a compact 3-in-1 medical device or gadget. In addition to its ability to record an ECG of medical-grade, this device can detect the valvular disease because of the digital stethoscope integrated into it.

According to twiftnews, the readings that these devices get are shown on it. But there is also a Health Mate app dedicated to it, which will give you color-coded feedback at an instant and also allow you to track your measurements with ease.

5. Wireless smart glucose-monitoring system

This device is a wireless smart glucometer that was created at the iHealth Lab Inc. It is an FDA-approved, state-of-the-art glucometer that can measure the glucose level in the blood and display the result on your smartphone. This is an innovative health gadget featuring a portable and eek design with Apple devices compatibility. It also has an iHealth Smart Gluco app that accompanies it and allows the user to record all measurements that they have made and share with a doctor when they get the opportunity to. Apart from the glucometer itself, the whole package also comes with a kit that includes ten lancets, ten testing strips, a carry bag, a lancing device, and a control solution.


As medical technology companies continue to build devices to ensure that they solve common health problems in the simplest ways, it is excellent to note that some of these devices are particular to women or can help them live a healthier life.

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