Top Tips To Help You Choose the Right Paddleboard

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Top Tips To Help You Choose the Right Paddleboard

It’s no secret that stand-up paddleboarding is an extremely enjoyable sport. In fact, it is one of the most popular water sports today, and many people find it to be a relaxing activity. In addition to offering serene views from remote locations on the water, it also allows you to explore many different types of areas. Before you can set out, you need to choose the right equipment to ensure your safety and enjoyment. Read on for some tips to help you choose the right paddleboard.

Choose Your Hull Type

The first thing that you need to consider is the hull type of your paddleboard. Almost all stand-up paddleboards featured one of two hull types: a displacement hull and a planing hull. While the differences between these two hulls may not be apparent to newer paddleboarders, they make a difference when participating in certain activities. As such, we suggest basing your decision on how you want to utilize your board in the future, as each hull type is better suited to different activities.

Inflatable or Hard-side?

One of the biggest questions you will have to answer when choosing a paddleboard is whether you want an inflatable or a hard-side paddleboard. Inflatable paddleboards provide many advantages, including portability and ease of use. However, they also take more time and effort to set up. So, if you want to get out and go in a hurry, this might not be the best option for you. Hard-side boards also come with amazing benefits, such as being able easy to maintain and easy to use. However, they can crack under stress, so you must be careful with the board itself.

Is Weight Capacity Something You Should Worry About?

While weight may be a touchy subject, it is something you need to consider in order to choose the right stand-up paddleboard. Each board is designed to accommodate a certain amount of weight, as the displacement of water is part of what keeps the board balanced. As such, if your weight falls outside the board’s weight capacity, you may feel a more off-balance when paddling. As such, you must choose a paddleboard with an appropriate weight capacity. The good thing is that many manufacturers make several models of the same board to accommodate people of all weights. If you have fallen in love with a specific board, you will probably be able to find it in your own weight class.

We hope you have enjoyed our tips for choosing the right paddleboard! Now that you have your board, the only thing you need to do for your first trip is pack the right accessories. You’ll soon be on your way to paddleboarding success!

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