Volition Beauty Review

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Volition Beauty Review

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Recently, I was lucky enough to be sent some products from Volition Beauty. I have documented my experience using their products and I am going to share with you my truthful and authentic opinion about my experience using their products.

Everything You Need to Know

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Firstly, who are Volition Beauty?

Volition Beauty are a skincare brand that make unique and beautiful products. Their ideas for their products really do seem as though they’ve had a lot of time, care and love poured into them (this is particularly evident in their packaging as well as the unique and natural ingredients that appear to be sprinkled throughout all of their products). One of the things that I love about this brand is that they accept ideas for new products from their customers – I really feel that this is such a positive thing for a brand to do as well as giving it that family feel as opposed to a commercial feel. Volition Beauty state that they are a clean beauty brand and don’t use parabens or sulfates as well as refusing to test on animals (a big YES – this is most definitely something to get on board with and support).

My Experience Using Volition Beauty

The History of My Skin

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I have never really suffered from problematic skin, I have had periods of time where it will act problematic but it has never been something that I battled with throughout my teenage years. Occasionally, I will have a few spots when I am on my period but other than that – I don’t tend to have spotty skin. Last year I went through about six months of battling with my skin (it was the most problematic it ever has been and it really brought home to me how the way your skin looks can improve your confidence and general mood). I know that my skin is quite sensitive and that I need to be careful with it which is why the only thing that I used whilst reviewing these products is my normal face wash by Cetaphil.

Receiving the Products

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When these products came in the post I was soooo happy. I was amazed by how beautifully they are packaged – They are definitely very feminine whilst also being classy at the same time. The way they look is the first thing that really stood out to me (I’m sure you will see why through the photographs that I’ve included). The products that VB sent me include their Celery Green Cream, Snow Mushroom Water Serum, ACV Resurfacing Pads and their Prismatic Luminizing Shield – These are all bestsellers of theirs.

Celery Green Cream


Their Celery Green Cream is the main thing that I was excited to use. It’s held within a little glass pot and the lid is encased in a gold color (very simplistic and aesthetically pleasing). On their website the Celery Green Cream is said to minimize the look of pores as well as purifying and moisturizing the skin. The actual product itself is a lovely celery green color (of course) and it smells delicious. It’s so nice to smell a beauty product that includes natural ingredients and for it to smell completely natural, as opposed to it smelling artificial and full of nasties.

For me personally, I didn’t get on too well with this product which I was so disappointed about as it was the one that I was most excited about. However, I don’t want to berate the product as I don’t feel it would be a bestseller if it wasn’t an amazing product. From my experience, I think it’s the fact that I have sensitive skin and would just warn those of you with sensitive skin to be careful when using this product and do a patch test first (something that I didn’t do). I used more than a pea sized amount of this on my face and it really made me feel as though my face was burning, it made my skin go extremely red and sore. I put this down to the fact that it has Hydrolyzed Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid) as its sixth ingredient which my skin doesn’t tend to do well with. I have burnt my face using products with this in before so I think the fact that I reacted badly with it is because my skin hasn’t fully recovered from that as well as having sensitive skin. However, if you know that your skin loves this ingredient (due to the fact it reduces fine lines and wrinkles) then maybe this product would be for you.

Snow Water Mushroom Serum


Again, the packaging of this product is absolutely beautiful. It’s such high quality packaging that I know myself and many others can appreciate and admire. I found that the product itself didn’t really smell of anything which I took as a really good sign, I feel that this shows VB are being true to their word that they are a clean beauty brand.

As with the Celery Green Cream, I didn’t react greatly with this product which I am also putting down to the fact it has Sodium Hyaluronate (the Sodium Salt of Hyaluronic Acid) as the fifth ingredient. However, I feel that this product was a lot more moisturising for my skin and wouldn’t have reacted as bad if I hadn’t used the Celery Green Cream. I will definitely be revisiting this product in the future to see how it works when my skin has had time to calm down.

I would like to say that the VB team were extremely understanding when I explained how my skin had reacted and wanted me to give them as much information as possible in order for them to improve their products.

Prismatic Lumanizing Shield


The anti-sunscreen. It’s sunscreen after a transformative makeover. It’s never greasy or smelly and doesn’t leave a white cast. It’s daily protection you’ll actually want to wear in 3 convenient travel sizes.” – VB

I looooooove this product. It is something that I would definitely buy again as it was so moisturizing for my skin. I know that it’s important to wear SPF on a daily basis but, it’s never been something I’ve practiced (especially during Winter). However, this handy little moisturizer has made it so much easier for me to do it. I’ve only been using it as a moisturizer in the mornings (on days that I’ve been going out) and I’ve found that it has really moisturized my skin and allowed it to look healthy and glowy. The color of the actual moisturizer is a lovely pink shade.

ACV Resurfacing Pads


Apple Cider Vinegar. It’s a salad dressing. It’s a risky DIY. And thanks to our labs it’s finally skin-safe in a face peel that delivers gentle chemical exfoliation from fruit & glycolic acids for radiant, refreshed skin.” – VB

I’ve not actually experimented with this product yet as it says to patch test sensitive skin (even I’m bored about hearing about my sensitive skin at this point haha) but, I will be in the future.

Thank you Volition Beauty for sending me these products!



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