Ways To Make Online Shopping More Environmentally Friendly

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Ways To Make Online Shopping More Environmentally Friendly

Online shopping is a beloved method for purchasing clothing. It’s convenient; it makes comparing prices easier; and it allows you to avoid long lines and crowded shopping malls. Unfortunately, the substantial amount of packaging used and emissions created during shipment can take a toll on the environment. To enjoy the benefits of purchasing clothes online while minimizing your carbon footprint, implement these effective ways to make online shopping more environmentally friendly. 

Minimize Returns

To minimize the negative effects of your online shopping habit, it’s important to avoid making returns. Doing so will prevent gas from being wasted on a return trip as well as prevent any more packaging from getting squandered. Determining if you’ll like a piece in person without trying it on first can be difficult, but you can reduce your need to make a return in several ways. For example, when buying clothing online, you should always read the customer reviews to get a better idea of the quality and fit of the product. In addition, you should also reference the size chart—if one has been provided—to increase the likelihood that the piece will fit. 

Don’t Opt for Express Delivery

Placing an order and having it arrive in just one or two days may be tempting, but if you’re concerned about the planet, you should avoid opting for express delivery options. When you choose express or same-day shipping, the smaller delivery window typically means that trucks will get sent out before they’re completely full to deliver the order in time. As a result, more gas gets wasted, since the truck will have to take more trips rather than efficiently transporting an optimal amount of goods all at once. Ultimately, simply being patient and choosing standard or extended shipping options can go a long way in minimizing the environmental impact of your online purchase.

Bundle Your Orders

Another effective way to make online shopping more environmentally friendly is to bundle your orders. If you know you need to make multiple purchases from the same store, try to avoid making multiple separate orders. If you do so, the company will have to package each item individually, and—depending on how far apart you ordered the items—the company may also have to ship them separately. This wastes both packaging materials and fuel. To decrease your negative environmental impact, try to make one large order rather than order items one at a time.

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