Ways To Make Your Home More Sustainable

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Ways To Make Your Home More Sustainable

With great advancements in green architecture, the prospects for sustainable homes are exciting. However, don’t think you need to demolish your home to build an eco-friendly one. There are plenty of minor additions and replacements your home can adopt to increase your energy efficiency. With these budget-friendly ways to make your home more sustainable, we prove that you don’t need solar panels to get green.

Update Your Home With a Smart Thermostat

Your thermostat is responsible for providing a comfortable temperature, and it can also have a major influence over your home’s energy efficiency. Upgrading to a smart thermostat may seem intimidating, but most users have found them to be more comprehensive than traditional or programmable ones.

Smart thermostats are game changers when it comes to energy bills. This home feature lives up to its name by recognizing when people are home or away and adjusts the temperature accordingly. Some smart thermostats are even equipped with sensors to identify hot or cold spots in the home.

Green Tip: Place your smart thermostat in a room that’s frequently visited. In doing so, your device will focus on creating ideal heat or AC for commonly occupied space rather than vacant areas of your home.

Opt for Reclaimed Flooring

There are tons of advantages to reclaimed hardwood flooring. One of them is sustainability. Though wood is a renewable resource, harvesting it has harsh environmental consequences such as deforestation. Companies that repurpose wood minimize their contributions to the logging industry, which in turn reduces their carbon footprint.

Instead of disposing of perfectly usable wood, an eco-friendly flooring company can reclaim and refine it for your home. You’ll gain the perks of having a new, glossy hardwood floor without it weighing on your green conscience.

Green Tip: Worried about reclaimed wood’s lifespan? Old growth wood is actually incredibly durable due to tightly packed growth rings. The wood’s density increases its resistance to rot as well, making it a popular option for outdoor home features.

Trade in Your Regular Bulbs for LED

Your car, home, and office can all benefit from using LED lights. LED bulbs are substantially more energy efficient than regular bulbs since they use less electricity to remain bright.

Their efficacy allows them a greater lifecycle, saving you from investing in tons of regular bulbs. So, not only is this one of the ways to make your home more sustainable, but it’s also a surefire way to reduce routine costs on lighting fixtures.

Green Tip: If you’re using LED lights in your in-home office, be sure they’re no brighter than your computer screen to prevent eye fatigue. LED lights behind your entertainment center can also add decorative value.

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