Why Complying With the DEP Is Important for NYC Residents

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Why Complying With the DEP Is Important for NYC Residents

Responding to official orders from the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) can be costly and, sometimes, quite time-consuming. However, complying with the DEP is important for all NYC residents. Read on to learn more about this agency, how it impacts New Yorkers and the surrounding ecosystem, and how to respond appropriately to their warnings.

Their Environmental Protections Are Vital

Unsurprisingly, the NYC Department of Environmental Protection does an exceptional job reducing the negative impacts of pollution, climate change, and other ecological threats. This agency is responsible for managing water, air, hazardous materials, and noise pollution—compared to other major global cities, New York ranks relatively well in all four of those aspects. There is certainly a history of wrongdoing associated with the NYC DEP, but the current agency is renowned for its enforcement of essential environmental regulations and strict punishments, as well as for its overall results. With that, it’s crucial for NYC residents to fully comply with any official notice or warning issued by the DEP to better assists New York’s fragile ecosystem.

They Work With the DOB

Are you planning a new construction project in New York City? If so, you’re probably aware of the Department of Buildings (DOB), the city’s primary construction regulator. This department oversees building projects across all five boroughs to ensure everything is up to code and fully paid, among many other technical responsibilities. More simply, nothing gets done at your construction site without this department’s approval. The DOB works closely with the DEP throughout the entire construction process, including the conduction of an extremely thorough post-construction DEP sewer inspection. Failing these inspections can lead to the DOB fining you and ordering costly revisions to your project, so it’s best to follow the strict regulations of the DEP when designing your building.

They Eliminate Toxic Materials From Potable Water Sources

New York City building owners are now receiving more DEP 3-day and 10-day notices. These official warnings are served to properties with pressing sewage problems. For example, the Department of Environmental Protection may serve a 3-day notice to a home with a leaking cross-connection or broken meter. More importantly, the DEP serves notices to buildings that feature water mains and other plumbing components made from toxic materials, including lead and galvanized steel. These metals are extremely harmful to developing minds and the human body overall, making DEP compliance vitally important to public safety and health. If you receive a DEP warning concerning hazardous materials in your plumbing system, hire a certified plumbing contractor immediately to make the required infrastructure replacements.

As you can see, the Department of Environmental Protection performs beneficial work for the entire city. Complying with the DEP, while sometimes costly and annoying, is important for all NYC residents. By working with the DEP, New Yorkers can ensure a safer, cleaner, and more enjoyable environment for themselves and everyone around the city.

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