Why You Need to Invest in Trust Gaming’s Eco-Friendly Headset and Callaz Keyboard

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Why You Need to Invest in Trust Gaming's Eco-Friendly Headset and Callaz Keyboard

Who is Trust?

Trust International B.V. was established in 1983. The company has four active brands under its umbrella: Trust.com, Trust Gaming, Trust Mobile, and Trust Home.

It’s a one-stop shop for all your digital lifestyle accessories, and their main aim is to simplify life through their products. Trust products deliver superior quality and consistent sound. The most extensive store is the online store, but there are physical stores in various locations around the globe.


We’re all aware of our impact on the environment and the need to live sustainably, including the products we buy or the services we use. Like all corporations, Trust has also embarked on a mission to be more eco-friendly and produce products with a lower impact on the environment. The gaming and technology industry has recently seen a significant rise in sales, increasing the responsibility to attain sustainability.

So What Exactly Makes A Pair Of Headsets Eco-Friendly?

Environmental impact is usually assessed in carbon emissions; however, this calculation is unsuitable for all products or circumstances. For a pair of headsets or headphones, it would be best to do a life cycle assessment (LCA). This means tracking the item from sourcing materials right through to the end of the product’s life.

A few things that go into the LCA are extra-long battery life. If the sets don’t need to be constantly charged, it means they’ll have a longer lifespan. Wired audio, having a wired option means that the headsets can work even when the battery dies. This wired option can be via USB or an audio jack.

Are the headsets made using recyclable materials? Do we know if the raw materials are ethically sourced if this isn’t possible? Is the packaging made from recyclable materials?

GTX 391 Thian Headsets

These headsets are the new offering from Trust and stay true to the Trust we have come to know. They are solidly built, affordable, and eco-friendly.

The sound quality on these headsets is clear and pristine, so whether you are planning to play on new UK slots or Fortnite, you can enjoy high-quality sound. They’re compatible with any device with a U.S. port or analog output. Battery life expectancy is around 13 hours; a USB-A cable is included in the box to charge.

They’re made of partially recyclable materials, the packaging itself is 100% recyclable, and there is no styrofoam in the box. The sets are over-ear with a closed back and leatherette earpads that are comfortable and durable.

Weighing in at 197g, they’re pretty lightweight, and the set has two 40mm drivers that run in stereo mode only. The microphone rotates and is foldable, and the mute button for the microphone is on the left earcap for easy access.

The headset is wireless and gives you 5.8Ghz on that connection, and there’s a wired option in the form of a 3.5mm audio cable (measures about 1.2m)

The headsets retail around 60 pounds, making this headset budget-friendly.

GXT 834 Callaz Keyboard

Tenkeyless(TKL) and mechanical switches are major trends within gaming right now, and this new offering from Trust encompasses both. Gfk market research indicated that 20% of gamers prefer compact gaming keyboards, and again this Callaz keyboard satisfies that need.

Trust promises 50 million key presses making it ideal for long and intensive gaming sessions. It has mechanical switches and removable keycaps (the box includes the extraction tool).

The keyboard retails from 37 pounds.

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