Working From Home: Habits Female Entrepreneurs Should Take Away

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By now you must be sick and tired of COVID-19-related topics, just like everyone else. Life seems to be revolving around one topic alone – and has done so for a while. Obviously, we’ll all be yearning for different types of news.

Curiously, however, we seem to see only the downside and not the benefits. In actual fact, in these two months or so, we have all adopted a rather fair number of good new habits, but we fail to see them amidst the worries.

If you are one among many people who have found themselves working from home overnight, by now you have learned a thing or two about gig economy benefits. For one thing – you have more time; so much more, in fact, that you can even pick a hobby. For another – homemade dishes taste great, and even better when you’re sharing them with loved ones.

Some habits attained during the quarantine are indeed priceless and should be, by all means, kept for the future. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Daily Schedules

The first thing people have started doing is drafting schedules, so as to not lose track of time. We’re not saying everything should be calculated, but work-related tasks certainly should.

Boosting productivity means performing tasks by their importance and keeping things realistic. Too many tasks a day will only serve to annoy you, but the right amount done efficiently will bring back the satisfaction you once felt.

Keep the habit when the pandemic is over. Not only will it make things easier in the long run, but it will also help you continually brainstorm your tasks and have enough leisure time.

Work Out Regularly

There is a time slot for daily exercises. The manner may be different for some, especially for people used to outdoors activities and the gym, but the results are nonetheless efficient.

If there is one thing we all learned in these troubled times, it is that we actually DO have enough time to work out every day. The routine doesn’t have to be too extensive; a mere 15 minutes a day will do the trick.

Communicate, Communicate and Then Communicate Some More

If you haven’t attended at least one online birthday party by now, you don’t know the meaning of freedom… literally! People from around the globe are reporting wild pajama parties, masquerades and even other kinds of celebrations-gone-creative – online!

Of course, online meetings are nowadays a daily routine for many people since face-to-face business gatherings have become impossible.

How did your first online business meeting go?

Many people report feeling weird. It seems that, in most cases, the “weirdness” is rooted in the fact that the meeting is business as usual, while the setting has changed. Even if you’re wearing your business clothes in front of your screen (might just be the weirdest aspect of them all), chances are the screen is – on your kitchen desk.

It goes without saying that the awkward feeling is psychological. For some reason, people tend to be afraid of changes. Not all changes are bad, in fact most of them aren’t. The mere fact that the usual situation has changed, even if a pandemic brought it forth, presents us with a unique opportunity to observe our lives and make new decisions in order to enhance them.

Once online meetings become a routine, people actually start relaxing and only then realize – hey, I’m better off this way! One certain reason why online meetings are better (or at least easier) than face-to-face ones is that you are comfortably attending it from your own home. You can always get up from the chair, bring more coffee, open/close the window, etc. Simply put, online meetings give people more freedom.

How does that reflect on the future? Firstly, when you’re pressed for time, instead of missing a meeting with a friend, you can simply jump on a quick online call. It is better than canceling the event altogether and will give you enough time to finish whatever it is that’s holding you back from going out.

Secondly, some success stories may become a tradition. For example, online pajama parties for large groups of people or similar are simply fun. No need to give them up because most people have a home large enough to host that many in one place.

You Have Enough Time for Everything

If there is one thing people have learned – or rather, remembered during this crisis, it is that we work so that the salary can help us live a more fulfilling life. It is not the other way around! We trade an amount of time for money. Working overtime too much doesn’t serve any purpose. Even if we get more money, we won’t have enough time to enjoy spending it on things and activities we love.

Simply by excluding commuting, rushing to pay the bills and buy groceries and similar usual activities, we have easily gained 3+ hours of extra free time. The bottom line is, we can apply some of the lessons learned when things go back to “normal.. For example, groceries can be bought online; bills can be paid on the go. Switch to a more convenient way of doing the necessities, and you’ll get to keep some of the extra time.


People are different. It’s a simple truth. While some enjoy being hermits, others thrive partying online. Whichever category you fall into, one thing is certain: the above-mentioned habits should be adopted in the long term. Extra leisure time is something everyone can make use of and, if we manage to boost productivity at the same time, it’s a win-win.

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Angela Ash is an expert content writer, editor and marketer, and she works with Flow SEO, founded by well-known SEO specialist and female entrepreneur, Viola Eva.

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