Young Female Founder Hopes To Encourage Others With Launch Of Financial Website

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An exciting new startup has entered the FinTech scene which is committed to helping individuals borrow money in an easy and affordable manner. Dollar Hand, an online consumer lending platform, uses streamlined technology to find the most competitive rates for its customers. Better yet, the company was established with the help of female co-founder Justine Gray who is committed to empowering women in finance.

Gray’s promotion of entrepreneurism can be witnessed in the success of her startup which has already proven to be very popular across the United States.

At Dollar Hand, there is the option to borrow loans ranging from $100 to $35,000. The brokerage service prides itself in working with a vast network of over 50 reputable US lending partners and so pairs its customers with the lender most suited to their borrowing needs and who can offer them the best deal. With opportunities for same day loans and instant loan offers, this company has no bounds.

Dollar Hand provides its loans connection service free of charge to all its customers. Furthermore, it uses soft searches which have no impact on credit scores since the system does not leave any visible footprint on applicants records.

And if that isn’t impressive enough, the company has partnered with lenders who are willing to consider applicants from all different types of financial backgrounds. The trusted panel of lenders are open to those with a variety of credit histories and do not let past financial mistakes get in the way of present monetary needs. In this case, options such as collateral can be offered or lenders can focus on other key factors such as whether the customer has a regular income.

Gray explained how “With the increasing costs of living mounting, I am delighted to be involved in creating a user-friendly platform that can help individuals to stay financially afloat. Our mission is to help our customers get access to the funds that they need and in turn relieve stress during emergency situations. For instance, if they need to pay for an urgent medical bill or a car repair, and cannot wait until their pay day, they can use our online platform to source an injection of fast cash. This can then be repaid back again when the borrower receives their next paycheck, with flexible repayment plans ranging from 2 weeks to 60 years!”

The online loans service is available in many US states where payday loans are legal including in California, Florida and Texas to name a dew. With lots of different loan products available including bad credit loans, installment loans and bank loans, the wide variety of options available enables borrowers to find the right fit for them, with attributes such as their age, employment status and income factored into their loan offer.

In particular, this female-led startup prides itself in practicality and convenience. The beauty of the online platform means that users can apply for a loan from the comfort of their own home via their laptop, computer or tablet, or alternatively whilst they are out and about via their smartphone, with a number of laws in place to protect consumers.

Being in a situation where you need money now can be nerve-wracking and so having access to a simple-to-use platform to help resolve a financial issue is extremely useful. Gray concluded that she was “proud to be assisting users to find the best deals in the borrowing space” and we think she has done a pretty good job at doing just that!

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