23 Best Books To Read In Spring

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This article showcases our top picks for the Books To Read In Spring. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

Karma by Sadhguru

This product was recommended by Rohan Kadam from Biking Know How

This is an amazing book which talks about Karma and life’s purpose. It helped me tremendously during current uncertain times. It has simple practices that anyone can do in order to stay driven, motivated, and in the moment. This is a must-read book, especially during current pandemic times. I highly encourage this book to be read.

Search Inside Yourself by Chade-Meng Tan

This product was recommended by Jay Whitacre from Aquion Energy

This book has opened my eyes as to how important mindfulness and emotional intelligence are to oneself. In fact, everything boils down to one big characteristic: empathy. Here, I learned and understood that by having empathy, I’m opening up myself to understand better and listen better to my family, friends, and even colleagues. It created a self-transformation that allowed me to focus on the present, you may even call it “having peace of mind,” in life and at work—a surprising and beneficial effect that I carry with me until today.

Beenz and Peace Find Their Happy Place by Courtney North

This product was recommended by Courtney North from Don’t Fit In

Beenz the alien is unique. With his cool hat, funky clothes, and one big front tooth, he’s the friendliest and funniest alien around. With his trusty dog, Peace, Beenz loves to explore his home planet of Saturn, where everyone seems a little bit the same and a little bit different. That is until one day, when people begin asking Beenz where he’s from. “You can’t be from Saturn. You’re too different.” Feeling unhappy, Beenz sets off on a quest to find his happy place – a place where he isn’t different, where he belongs. Join Beenz and Peace on this funky space adventure as they discover that often, what you’re looking for is much closer to home than you imagined!

Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens

This product was recommended by Gilian Manassee from Jill on journey

An incredible book. An homage to mother nature, the way she nourishes us and the home she provides. It touched me deeply, left me crying, smiling, curious, and wondering. I didn’t want it to end. A perfect spring read!

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

This product was recommended by Farhan Advani from Buy Here Pay Here

This novel got me thinking about how lucky I am to have such a good life, and the story of this little girl made me want nothing more than for all children in need to be happy. I was never so captured by any other book before reading The Secret Garden. It completely encompassed my imagination because every page seemed like it could lead into another world or somewhere far away from these troubles we face now – sick people who don’t get well; emerging countries without clean water – where everything would finally look bright again; with an end to pain!

Modern Day Magic by Rachel Lang

This product was recommended by Rachel Lang from N/A

Modern Day Magic is a primer to help you understand fundamental magic rules and practices. It gives you a step-by-step process to reclaiming and working with magic. It also talks about why we’ve been taught to fear our supernatural power and mistrust our spiritual gifts. In this book, author Rachel Lang helps you reclaim your power and focus in to shape your life. The book is practical and interactive with complex spiritual concepts delivered in an encouraging, conversational tone. The book includes journal prompts, meditations, and exercises. It also has a whole section on rituals and working with astrological magic.

A Room With A View by E.M. Forster

This product was recommended by Susan Melony from Unbreak Yourself

This book is a romantic novel that can explain some people’s feelings towards spring. It depicts a good story that showcases spring romance and humor, wrapped in mixes of emotions. The book is entertaining and relatable, able to touch emotions and give chills to the readers. A good book to add to your spring reading list.

Think Like a Monk by Jay Shetty

This product was recommended by Lindsey Hyland from Urban Organic Yield

This is an awesome must-have book in Spring, which has renewed everything in all wholesome life. You should experience this awesome book! According to the list of Amazon’s Best Books in Spring, this is an awesome book for you! This book ranks at the top of this season because it bestows readers with great inspiration. You are about to take a journey to discover how to unleash your unique potentials and be ready to take advantage of opportunities that will come your way. The book is written with the idea of exploring the world through various lenses, which are learning to think like a monk, training your mind for peace and purpose every day. Shockingly, you are still reading this article instead of choosing the best available option now!

The Hidden Girl and Other Stories by Ken Liu

This product was recommended by Lynda Le from Polish Perfect

This book is delightful and is a great book to read in spring. Liu’s books are deep and lay bare painful truths on readers. It slices meticulously through the layers of our hearts. This book scrutinizes how we keep ourselves connected during unyielding change, through stories that are magical, and extant technologies and innovations.

You Made Me Love You by John Edgar Wideman

This product was recommended by Stephan Jacob from Best For Android

This collection of 35 stories showcases a modern master at the height of his powers. Set everywhere from inner-city Pittsburgh to rural Wyoming, these stories capture external worlds and interior lives, all of it rich with complexity and heart. Wideman has been compared to William Faulkner and James Baldwin. The stories in You Made Me Love You prove that he is every bit as masterful a cartographer of the American spirit as his forebears.

Peaces by Helen Oyeyemi

This product was recommended by Yurii Brown from CoffeeGeekLab

Peaces is a brain-bending travelogue set on a sleeper train, is no exception. Otto, Xavier, and their pet mongoose set off on a romantic voyage to an unknown destination, but they soon realize that The Lucky Day is no ordinary train. Existing beyond the laws of time and space, each car contains its own fantastical world. As Otto and the other passengers on the train share stories of their pasts and work together to ferret out a secret occupant, the novel weaves a romantic and surreal path through the fever dream of Oyeyemi’s imagination.

Antiquities by Cynthia Ozick

This product was recommended by Thomas Vibe from StoneWizards

If you’re looking for a quick yet thought-provoking, read Ozick’s Antiquities. Melancholy and brisk, it revolves around Lloyd Wilkinson Petrie, an aging man preparing his memoir about his days at the Temple Academy for Boys. Looking back on his association with the now-defunct school, first as a student and later as a trustee, Petrie remembers the rampant anti-Semitism he suffered there, as well as the ruptured friendship that went on to shape his adult life. Richly layered and exalted in style, this book is a resounding reminder that the author can accomplish more in 192 pages than lesser writers can in twice that length.

I’ll Be Your Blue Sky by Marisa de los Santos

This product was recommended by Sally Stevens from FastPeopleSearch

Love and mystery surround a darker thread about the safety of women in this complex and moving tale by de los Santos (Love Walked In). The novel’s two plots begin, respectively, on the day of Edith Herron’s wedding to Joseph in 1950 and the day before Clare Hobbes’s marriage to Zach Barfield in the present. The author doesn’t sugarcoat the violence that the women have suffered, but she balances those passages with soaring descriptions of everything from the saltwater marshes to Dev’s smile. This novel is both lovely and powerful.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

This product was recommended by Sonya Schwartz from Her Norm

This book is known for its romance, humor, and beautiful writing. A love story that gives lessons about humility and love towards others. This novel is a great book for ages that are at the peak of discovering the world of romance. A masterpiece indeed!

Napierville by Zelna A. Oberholster

This product was recommended by Zuhura Miriam from Catalyst Brand Strategy

This book talks about a woman who later rose into executive positions, started her own foundation to help people with similar experiences and empower others. Napierville is an autobiography of a “Sporie” (railway child) who has been sexually abused since the age of 4 by various different men- friends of the family, family, neighbours and boyfriends up to the age of 16. This book is an honest story based on her life and all the avenues of healing that she has attempted and finding her own worth- her process of healing that she wishes to inspire other victims and survivors with her courage and will to heal and flourish.

The Kindest Lie by Nancy Johnson

This product was recommended by Michelle Devani from lovedevani

Reading books through this spring season is the most recommended activity to do. As an individual, one book I would recommend reading this spring is The Kindest Lie by Nancy Johnson. This book tells a story about racial differences, lost jobs, and meeting someone new. Then, build connections with them. It is appropriate for this season as the spring season can be associated with new beginnings.

How the One-Armed Sister Sweeps Her House by Cherie S.A. Jone

This product was recommended by Alex Wan from Vinpit

For lovers of fiction, here is a riveting book that you should read; perfect for Spring. The author dives deep and brings into reality how different forces; love, wealth status, class, etc can become the major drivers in the perpetration of betrayal, inequality and other ugly undertakings in society. I recommend this book because the author tries to shed more light on matters that happen in our everyday lives yet they’re not given the attention they deserve. Besides, the fact that the scenes are happening in the Caribbean brings the impression of how people with power can constantly oppress the less privileged.

Atomic Habits by James Clear

This product was recommended by Martin Mora from Loose Grown Diamond

Everybody should inculcate the habit of reading books that rejuvenate you from time to time. Avid book readers make goals to read a particular number of pages everyday and a particular number of books everywhere. Bibliophile pages are quite common and popular on social media. They are a great way of connecting with like-minded individuals and getting book recommendations. Reading circles in university spaces are a step towards learning outside the classroom and building a community. The best way to pick up a book is looking at the bestsellers of your favourite genre. It is fool-proof and an easy first step to get yourself to read. While every season has its collection of bestsellers, our pick is, ‘Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones’ by James Clear. It is the number one New York bestseller and has sold over three million copies. This is not your average self-help book that only preaches rather provides you with strategies and techniques to transform yourself. Atomic Habits will help you reevaluate the way you determine progress and success. It is a great book for entrepreneurs, team leaders and even individuals who are looking to change their lifestyles. The author, James Clear is known for his comprehensive style of turning complex structures and applying them to our everyday life. Clear does not bore you with anecdotes that you already know but plays along the facts of psychology, biology etcetera and uses them to the advantage. He inspires you with life-changing stories and makes you want to achieve those so-called ‘unachievable changes’ in your life.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

This product was recommended by Rebecca Danko from Rebi Simple Living

This already a cult classic, is perfect to read in the spring because it challenges you to clean and declutter your living space. I love to re-read it every spring to get into the spring cleaning mood!

Docile by K.M. Szpara

This product was recommended by Eden Cheng from PeopleFinderFree

If you’re looking for an encapsulating read to dive into in the spring season, then Docile is a perfect choice. The novel tells the story of an all-too-realistic dystopia, where those in debt enter into a form of indentured servitude, resulting in them serving as “Dociles” to a wealthy class of people. As a result, many often decide to take a drug, called Dociline, which effectively numbs the brain and makes the whole experience a little less horrific. However, our protagonist chooses to abstain from taking it, and thus begins a story of class warfare, torture, depravity, and much more. It is a story that could have quickly devolved into fan fiction but rather, can be akin to America’s class system, as you experience that discomfort from start to finish.

Money Switch by Anita Petty

This product was recommended by Anita Petty from The Switch Coach

In Money Switch, Anita Petty lays out her six-step system to help people achieve financial success. She shows people how to get beyond the fear, procrastination and negative thinking that has held them back from the financial abundance they want and deserve. Her six “Switch Principles” to help them “flip on their switch” to make life-changing transformations that can happen immediately. A must-read for those who want to grow their wealth and prosper in the coming year.

The Elephant in the Brain by Robin Hanson

This product was recommended by David Adler from The Travel Secret

A perfect book to read in spring is the Elephant in the Brain. The author Kevin Smiler in this amazing book shows in a very interesting way how human beings perform actions for reasons they don’t even want to know or don’t want to accept. This book tried to find explanations for many behaviors of people today, such as the hidden motive of supporting beneficial causes. In reality, what motivates people to perform some behaviors is something totally different from what we believe. For this reason, it is an excellent book to think, analyze and take a moment to question many things in the spring.

Early Morning Riser by Katherine Heiny

This product was recommended by Nikki Webster from Brit on the Move

This commercial novel should be on everyone’s list of reads for this summer. It’s a much-needed uplift from today’s world problems. This story about life and love in a small town will make you smile as you read it. It’s packed with love, intimate thoughts on love, and tons of humor!

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