5 Reasons the Cannabis Industry is Booming

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The cannabis industry has seen a big boom in recent years and it is not hard to see why. Cannabis has been proven to be an effective natural treatment for many medical conditions including pain relief, epileptic seizures, nausea, arthritis, and many more. This goes far beyond smoking weed and the entire cannabis plant has now become an important part of people’s lives in a multitude of ways, both medically and recreationally. People are only now learning that cannabis can be used as a natural alternative to toxic pharmaceuticals or alcohol and this article will take a closer look into the reasons why the cannabis industry is growing in popularity.

Cannabis is coming out of its dark years

In the past, not much was known about cannabis except for the information given to people by the media. As a result, people developed a negative stigma and perception about cannabis which supported the fact that it was illegal and criminalized. Thankfully things have changed and now the stigmas and negative perceptions are shedding and people are embracing this plant for both recreational and medical use. There has been a lot of positive research being released that shows the health benefits of cannabis consumption which is shifting the minds of people, especially the older generations who were the most judgmental of cannabis. People are now embracing cannabis as a holistic form of medical treatment and the cannabis industry is now able to grow and compete on the market because of the massive interest in marijuana and marijuana products. This is evident from the fact that online stores, such as DankStop, have found success by selling cannabis accessories, like a variety of grinders, different types of dry herb vaporizers, and more. The industry most affected by this has got to be the pharmaceutical industry who now has to compete with nature when it comes to treating illnesses. Pharmaceutical companies are already starting to add CBD into their medication.

Cannabis products are becoming more potent

Thanks to legalization, there has been a lot of innovation in the cannabis industry and one, in particular, is that cannabis is now a lot more potent than before and there are many strains of better quality than previously available. Cannabis has always been associated with recreational use in the past, however, now it has become a star in the medical arena and is being used medically to treat a series of conditions including pain, inflammation, insomnia, anxiety, and even the side effects of chemotherapy. You will also find more than just joints now because innovation in the industry has allowed for many products to pop up on the scene including dry herb vaporizers, tinctures, topicals, capsules, edibles, and many more. The most popular cannabis product seems to be the dry herb vaporizer as well as topicals, CBD oil, and edibles.

More states are legalizing marijuana

Marijuana is legal in 18 states in the US as well as the District of Columbia, Northern Mariana Islands, and Guam. Legalization is spreading across the globe with many countries embracing this plant however, a lot of nations still have strict marijuana laws such as China and the UE which are 2 examples of countries where you can face extreme punishment such as death for possession of marijuana. Countries that have the potential to legalize include Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador as well as Chile to name a few. There is growing public interest and a lot of research being released that supports marijuana. Cannabis needs to not be demonized anymore because many people suffering from health problems can benefit from this holistic treatment.

Cannabis is a natural, organic alternative to pharmaceuticals

Many people are starting to embrace cannabis for their healing and in the process are ditching pharmaceuticals. Cannabis is affordable, 100% natural and can be used to treat anything from mild pain to more severe cancer-related symptoms. Unlike pharmaceuticals, there are no harmful side effects.

The cannabis industry provides jobs

In 2020 alone, the cannabis industry created 77 300 jobs which was double the amount created in 2019. This industry is one of the fastest-growing in the world and some of the top jobs in the industry include master grower/cultivation, dispensary manager, sales and marketing, edibles maker, delivery just to name a few. This growing industry is creating jobs which in turn contributes to the economy which aids in the growth of the industry.

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