East Asian Entrepreneurs Transforming American Enterprise Industry: A Closer Look

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Welcome to our new series showcasing startups founded by minority groups!

Welcome to the first in a series of articles we’re featuring here on Pretty Progressive, diving into the wonderful world of startups founded by minority groups. We’re shining a light on those unheralded heroes breaking boundaries and innovating industries despite the challenges and obstacles they often face. In this first article, we’re heading across the Pacific to showcase East Asian Founded Startups in the Enterprise industry.

We believe that representation matters immensely. With this editorial series, our goal is to introduce our readers to businesses and initiatives that are not just making waves in their respective industry sectors, but also paving the way and providing inspiration for others. Today, we’re putting the spotlight on successful startups helmed by East Asian founders who are redefining the world of enterprise. These brands demonstrate the true strength and potential that diverse leadership can offer.

From artificial intelligence to big data, project management to digital marketing, these startups span a range of fields, but all share a common aim – to revolutionise the enterprise industry. So without further ado, let’s dive in and discover these incredible East Asian Founded startups in the Enterprise industry.


Searchlight, based in San Francisco, was founded by Anna X. Wang and Kerry Wang. The startup falls under multiple industries, including Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Software, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Recruiting, SaaS, and Software. Searchlight’s Predictive Talent Platform provides assessments and analytics help companies boost their hiring efficiency and effectiveness. They are on a mission to improve the hiring process and make it beneficial for everyone involved. Find Searchlight on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Moodbit, headquartered in New York, was established by founders Alfredo Jaldin and Miho Shoji. The startup uses AI to provide real-time human factor data analytics to managers, assisting them in making data-driven decisions and improving employee wellbeing. The founders foresee Moodbit as a part of reshaping the future of work through the application of AI and Machine Learning. Find Moodbit on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Creating a unified platform for tracking and managing all essential business information, Oakland-based startup Roshi was founded by Celia Carter, Heidi Hudson, and Jason West. The company empowers cannabis manufacturers and distributors to make data-driven decisions that grow their bottom line. Find Roshi on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Staat, a startup based in Atlanta, Georgia was founded by Amanda Sabreah, David Choe, and Paul Mun. The company aims to make tracking engineering progress easier, faster, and safer for everyone. Their automated reporting tool visualizes progress from developer tools into one beautiful dashboard. Find Staat on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Share Creators

Share Creators, co-founded by Ada Liu in Burlingame, provides digital asset and project management tools that have helped realise top-rated games like Diablo, Star Wars, Game of Thrones etc. and other commercial software. Connect with Share Creators on Twitter and LinkedIn.


MoBagel, based in Santa Clara is the brainchild of founders Adms Chung, Iru Wang, and Ken Lin. The company provides a no-code AI platform to help stakeholders across the board deploy AI-based solutions seamlessly. Find MoBagel on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Wisy, a San Francisco-based startup founded by Min Chen, Nélida Gómez, and Orlando Reyes, is a global AI platform that uses image recognition to optimize product displays, thereby maximizing sales opportunities. Find Wisy on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


The creation of Doreen Li and Guillermo Trujillo, hopps is a cross-platform application that aims to speed up the drink ordering process at venues, boosting revenue and earnings as a result. Follow hopps on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Accurate4cast, Inc.

Founded by Rick Ow, Accurate4cast, Inc. has developed Akucast, a revenue operations app that runs on Salesforce CRM. The application uses a combination of expert advice, historical analysis, and AI to provide deep insights and improve decision-making. Check out Accurate4cast, Inc. on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Skilljar, based in Seattle, was co-founded by Jason Stewart and Sandi Lin. It’s an external LMS that’s helping businesses educate, engage, and retain their customers and partners. Find Skilljar on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Gluon, founded by Hakam Misson, Narinder Bajwa, Sameer Misson, and Stuart Hockman, develops IoT solutions to interconnect businesses, consumers, and vehicles. Currently, their Petromo hardware and software solutions are in use by over 100 businesses. Connect with Gluon on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


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