Trailblazing East Asian-American Led Startups Transforming the US Electronics Industry

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The tech industry has seen an impressive rise in minority-led businesses in recent times, and one demographic in particular that has surged to the fore is East Asia. East Asian entrepreneurs have massively diversified tech’s landscape, creating innovations that span various industries. Through their ingenuity and dedication, these startups are disrupting traditional business models and positively affecting lives globally. Here, we explore top East-Asian founded startups in the electronics industry, highlighting their foundation, ingenious offerings, and the brilliant minds that drive their operation.

The list contains startups that range from gaming to home improvement, health care, and even water purification. The common thread, however, remains the founders’ dedication to utilizing technology to drive innovation, inclusion, progress, and functionality. These startups positively impact their industries, customers, and communities, bolstering the noteworthy contributions of East Asian entrepreneurs to global progress.

Each startup has navigated the dependencies, threats, and uncertain terrains of the electronics industry, merging creativity with business acumen to create impactful solutions. Here are nine game-changing East Asian founded startups that have navigated the tumultuous waves of the tech ocean and have landed successfully on the shores of innovation and progress.

KYOCERA Document Solutions Development America, Inc.

KYOCERA Document Solutions Development America is the brainchild of Kazuo Inamori. It is based in Concord, California and operates in various sectors including Apps, Computer, and Electronics. The firm bridges the gap between complex electronics and simplicity. For more about KYOCERA, visit their website.


Co-founded by Jong-Wook Shin and based in Skokie, Illinois, iiRcade is a trailblazer in the gaming industry, introducing the first arcade gaming platform that meets the demands of today’s gamer. Find out more about iiRcade here. You can also follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


LARQ, co-founded by Justin Wang and Robert C. Walker in Foster City, California, is a groundbreaking startup that merges technology with design to provide easy and sustainable access to pristine drinking water. To find out more, check out their website and social media platforms: Facebook and LinkedIn.


Nutr, established in Columbus, Ohio, by Alicia Long and Dane Turk, simplifies the process of making plant-based milk with their innovative Nutr Machine. To learn more about Nutr and its products, check out their website, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Perfect Company

Situated in Vancouver, Washington, Perfect Company is the brainchild of Mike Wallace and Miriam Kim. They are poised to redefine the smart home space with their innovative connected kitchen products. Connect with Perfect Company via their website, Facebook and LinkedIn.


AVA is an innovative startup that develops lightweight health devices to monitor and filter pollutants. Founded by Jan Liphardt and based in Palo Alto, California, AVA is pioneered to protect users from the harmful effects of air pollutants. To learn more about AVA, visit their website, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Halo Neuroscience

Halo Neuroscience, founded by an impressive team including Amol Sarva, Brett Wingeier, and Daniel Chao, develops neurotechnology systems that stimulate the connection between the brain and muscles to unlock an individual’s full potential. Connect with Halo Neuroscience via their website, Facebook or LinkedIn.


Rayvio Corp, founded by the brilliant minds including Milan Minsky, Robert C. Walker, Theodore Moustakas, and Yitao Liao, delivers clean water and environments. Their powerful and efficient UV LED technology allows control over health without chemicals or costly consumables. Find out more about Rayvio via their website, Facebook and LinkedIn.

These startups demonstrate the entrepreneurial prowess of East Asia by positively affecting industries and consumers alike. Their innovative solutions underscore the diversity and resilience of East-Asian founded startups, efficiently contributing to global progress and industry evolution.

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