Things To Consider When Designing Your Dream Birth Space

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Things To Consider When Designing Your Dream Birth Space

The thought of giving birth can send shockwaves through a woman once she reaches month eight of her pregnancy. The unsettling realization that the human she grew must exit her body can stir feelings of stress, fear, panic, and much more. Spending time designing your dream birth space can help ease the panic, settle the fears, and shift the focus on all the good that is about to take place. Read on to learn more!

Focus on Your Goals

Wherever you intend to give birth, pour all your focus into your goals for this space and time. The goals you have for yourself can directly relate to the birthing process itself, your postpartum wishes, or overall medical demands. Everyone’s goals will look different, so there are no right or wrong answers. Hold on to your goals with a firm grip and keep them in the forefront of all your do.

Some common birth space goals might include:

  • Dim lighting
  • No people coming in or out continuously
  • Noise reduction efforts
  • Movement within the space

Who Will Be on Your Team?

A significant aspect of your birth space is the people inside of it. These are your direct support aids, the people who will encourage you when the going gets tough, the ones you will rely on when labor takes over and it’s time to deliver your baby.

Who you have on your birth team will directly impact your outcomes, goals, and medical wishes, so it’s vital to consider this in the highest regard. There are a few differences between a doula and a midwife, but many women find it advantageous to invest in both to ensure their birth team is well rounded.

Set the Mood

Setting the mood of your dream birth space is one of the most essential aspects to consider. The energy in your room and how the area feels to you will affect your ability to relax, ease into the laboring, and surrender to the process.

There is a tug and pull that occurs during labor, and if the mood in your dream birth space is off-putting, chaotic, or high adrenaline, your labor may stall or you feed off of this energy. Set the mood with intention and ensure your birth team and space accommodate these needs.

Cater to Your Comfort

To help round out the space and set the mood with intention, equip the space with comforting measures that cater to your needs. This is where you can really design the dream space you desire and ensure you find relaxation and comfort in the process.

A few things to contribute to comfort may include:

  • Soft music
  • Birth affirmation note cards
  • Sentimental items
  • Ultrasound images
  • Birthing pool
  • A fan
  • Herbal tinctures
  • Essential oils

Remember that designing your dream birth space is specific to you and your baby. Whatever suits your needs to deliver a healthy, beautiful bundle of joy is all that matters, but keeping these things in mind when you look to the future can help align you with the most suitable outcomes and relieve unwanted angst.

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