Tips and Tricks for Planting Trees on Your Property

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Tips and Tricks for Planting Trees on Your Property

While there are ample ways to impact the current state of the environment, one of the best is to plant more trees. These practical and beautiful plants are at the core of our ecosystem, and only through producing more can we help our communities breathe easier. However, you don’t have to petition to plant them in your local park. Instead, you can make your property a landmark of progress in your community. Here are a few tips and tricks for planting trees on your property to help you make the most of this process.

Mark Underground Utility Lines

If you want to plant a new tree on your land, it’s vital to know where you can’t place it first. Homes have several utility lines running underground to preserve a clean surface aesthetic. This could include water lines or electrical cables. Because of this, you should always call a local utility company to mark the locations of these amenities for you. Doing so ahead of time allows you to see where they are and makes it easier to plan your tree’s placement.

Place It Strategically

You also want to make sure that you’re strategic with your tree’s location. Not only should you try to avoid utilities, but you should try to keep it away from the foundation as well. Tree roots can extend several feet out from the base of the trunk, growing into whatever ends up in their path. As such, the last thing you want is for them to start breaking down your home’s foundation or decking materials. So it’s best to place them further into the yard in a spot that receives a lot of sunlight.

Use the Right Equipment

Another helpful tip for planting trees on your property is to invest in the right equipment for the job. Skid steers are heavy machinery designed to move large quantities of dirt and debris at once. This makes them a great tool to have when digging a spot for a new tree, especially if you want to plant a mature tree. However, if you want to use a skid steer for this purpose, it’s crucial to equip them with the right skid steer tires. This way, you can maintain optimal traction and complete this project safely and efficiently.

Wrap Your Tree in Protective Material

Ensure you wrap the trunk in a protective barrier after planting your new tree. Young trees can be susceptible to damage from lawnmowers, weed whackers, and local animal life. For this reason, you should encase it in a cut plastic drainage pipe or short metal casing at ground level. With this extra layer, there’s less risk of damage as the tree continues to grow.

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