Top Outdoor Tools You Can 3D Print

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Top Outdoor Tools You Can 3D Print

While 3D printing is a relatively new subject area for most people, many have used it to their advantage and made their own versions of tools they need. In most cases, these tools will be customized to a specific purpose and may be extremely hard to make with traditional manufacturing processes. Here are the top outdoor tools you can 3D print.

Watering Stakes

One of the best tools you can implement in your garden is a watering stake. They are simple to make. And, best of all, they can do wonders in ensuring that plants receive all the water they need. When you use one of these, your plants will never go thirsty.

Y Splitters

If you’re running an involved sprinkler system, Y splitters may be one of the more important methods of ensuring your water gets to where you need it to go. While it may seem excessive, having a steady source of Y splitters will enable you to make as simple or as complex of a watering system as you’d like.

Seed Dryer

While you can’t make a drying fan with a 3D printer, you can easily make some high-quality seed drying racks. You can even design them to be stackable like most dehydrators, giving you an excellent design for a fraction of the price.

Slug and Snail Traps

Slugs and snails are some of the most annoying pests that you can have in your garden. Having a well-designed slug or snail trap can help relieve any pressure these pests are putting on your garden.

Stakes and Cord Securing Device

If you find yourself too lazy to go all the way to the store for stakes or cord-securing fobs, you can easily design your own with your 3D printer. Remember that you have your choice of everything from heat-resistant polymers to high impact-resistant polymers to ensure your creation is exactly how you want it.

We hope this article has given you some great ideas on the top outdoor tools that you can 3D print. If you are looking for more ideas on projects around the house, search the internet for ideas. In many cases, the files for these projects will be ready for download!

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